Michael Weatherly (NCIS), Mary Lynn Rajskub (24) and Hayden Panettiere (Heroes) Michael Weatherly (NCIS), Mary Lynn Rajskub (24) and Hayden Panettiere (Heroes)

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We've been teased big happenings with NCIS' Tony and Ziva, and I'm all for that, but need I be worrying so much? — Kate
I finally got NCIS boss Shane Brennan to dish on "Tiva," and it looks like you might be left to fret all summer long. He told me, "What happens over these next episodes is an evolution of their relationship — though perhaps more extreme than you would get in your normal [workplace]. These people do carry guns!" Then, in the wake of specific events of the May 19 season-ender, he said, "It's up to the audience to decide, and they will over the summer, what might happen [next]. But everything has a life, and eventually things end." Listen very carefully to Brennan's coda here: "Now, if you think I just said that Tiva's going to end, I didn't."

I've heard that Heroes' Volume 4 ends with a major death. Any tease? — Eric
You're half-right. Of course, not everyone who dies stays dead. Except those who do. Also, look for one character to make a splashy return in Volume 5.

Will we see any more Ugly Betty this season? — Laura
Yep, Betty will be back with five more hours beginning April 30. At that time, look for a Marc-Betty showdown, an impromptu wedding, and, on the two-hour May 21 finale, guest spots by The View's Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Please tell me that 24's Larry is not really dead, and that he will come back. Don't kill my favorite character! — Hilla
Hey, your beef is with Tony, not the Mega Buzz team, because, yes, your Larry is truly and sincerely dead. Now on a happier note, I want to remind 24 fans that Chloe is back next week. Actually, this isn't really on a "happier" note: After being gobsmacked by the news of Bill's death and getting updated on the terrorist's next plans, our fave tech wonk will have some hard and fast personal (read: familial) decisions to make.

Any inside scoop on how this season of The Unit will end? — Joseph
If you like your celebrations mixed with suitcase bombs and goodbyes, you're in for a treat. On May 10, you'll get an episode that combines nuclear intrigue at the highest levels with human drama between the Unit wives, as the ladies look forward to the wedding of Charles Grey and Joss Morgan. Meanwhile, a key Unit wife prepares to leave the life — for good.

Is Fringe really moving its production from New York City to Canada? — Hap
Assuming that there will be a second season of Fringe (which I'm hearing we can assume), yes. Sadly, I'm hearing that my fair city has become a little less fair on the subject of tax breaks for television productions, which necessitated a move to Vancouver. The real question: Does Vancouver look more like Boston than New York City does? Eh.

The fans of Smallville's Lois and Clark are dying for a "Clois" scoop. Please tell us something wonderful cough-kiss-cough happens in the finale? — Heinzy
Yet again you twist my arm and make me Q&A Erica Durance. Now while she was thoroughly handcuffed as to what she could say about the finale, she had plenty to share about this week's episode, "Stiletto." As Lois lands her first one-on-one with the mysterious Red-Blue Blur, Erica says, "What's lovely is you get to see Clark see Lois in a totally different light —totally smitten and sweet, with all of her barriers down — and that is really romantic." As a result, "Clark becomes closer to Lois, because he gets to see this honest and generous side of her. I was pretty thrilled about it." Watch a preview here.

How about some True Blood scoop? — Kelli
Have you seen the new poster? It's bloody cool! We know that Sookie and Bill have some traveling to do when Season 2 returns, but where does that leave poor, heartsick, shape-shifting Sam? Anna Paquin tells the Buzz: "They have a bit of a rough time of it. It seems like they should be more understanding of each other, and yet they aren't — in some truly ironic way." Translation: Sam will be otherwise occupied this season with Maryann the vibrating mystery lady.

I heard there is going to be a death on Supernatural, which would be very, very sad! Can you shed some light on that? — Fern
Well, one of the big rumors is that our boy Bobby will be the one to buy it. I broached that prickly topic with cast member Jim Beaver himself, and while he would/could not refute it, he noted, "Nobody takes Bobby down easy!" He then teased the "intense and astonishing" May 14 season finale thusly: "People are going to have some of their expectations toppled." (Much more from the Beav on Thursday.)

I miss Psych. Got anything to tide me over until the new season? — Audrey
Hmm. Without getting too specific, we'll say that Gus and Shawn's next cases (in episodes premiering sometime this summer) will involve Bollywood, the Wild West, and an exorcism. They'll also have a skiing-centered episode set in British Columbia, where the show films. Oh, and there's an episode about a time-traveling clone. (Siiiiike! Did they say that at your elementary school?)

Now that Donna has appeared on 90210, is it possible that there will be a reunion with Brenda as well? — Jeff
Funny you should ask, Jeff. So far the answer is no. But when I asked Tori Spelling the same question this week, she said, "I know the fans would love it," and not much more. As it stands, Tuesday was Spelling's last episode this season. Shannen Doherty appears in the May 19 finale. A paranoid person might think their near-miss was intentional. I am a paranoid person.

Any info on how the new season of The Closer will play out? And is that really Kyra Sedgwick doing the splits on that OJ commercial? — Jim
I'm lizzing at your second question and must thus address it first: Kyra's peeps aren't saying. (My take: Only her Kevin Bacon knows for sure.) Turning to Sedgwick's primary gig, Season 5 kicks off sometime in June, and its first episodes include one revolving around a self-accredited detective named Dick Tracy. Needless to say, this wannabe gumshoe's affinity for helping out his pals in "the black-and-whites" both assists and annoys Brenda.

Tim's Mega Rave: I could not be more excited about Mr. Show's Bob Odenkirk turning up on the April 26 Breaking Bad, playing a sleazy defense attorney. One of the most gifted and influential comedians of the 1990s and 2000s, Odenkirk's biggest problem seems to be finding projects worthy of his deft characterizations and quick mind. Breaking Bad is one of the shows most deserving of his skills.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Never mind that Edie Britt's send-off was a near-copy of Desperate Housewives' tribute to Eli-the-handyman, it was also kind of boring! Edie definitely deserved something with more pizzazz — say, an orgy in her honor.

Matt's Micro Riff: Brothers & Sisters' Kitty is being kind of a bitch.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Why is everyone so surprised? Look at an oyster. I'd be hard put to find an uglier creature, yet it produces a pearl from the pain inflicted by a grain of sand or other irritant. Susan has certainly had her own pain and her own irritants in life. I believe [her performance] was real." (aingeal, questioning the backlash against Susan Boyle)

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