Kevin McKidd, Rob Lowe, Chris Colfer Kevin McKidd, Rob Lowe, Chris Colfer

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Are there any good story lines coming up for Cristina and Owen on Grey's Anatomy? — Heather
NATALIE: Meredith and Callie might be on the baby train, but Cristina is definitely not. Which is bad news for Owen, who's going to start to get the procreation itch himself, according to Kevin McKidd. "They rushed into their marriage at the start of the season, and the conversations they never quite had on fundamental things about life, not just children, are going to start to creep back in," he tells us. "There are going to be some bumps for them."

I love Ann (Rashida Jones) and Chris (Rob Lowe) together on Parks and Recreation. What's next for them? — Barry
"There's a surprise twist to their relationship. Ann is very concerned that he is cheating on her," executive producer Mike Schur reveals. "[An upcoming] episode is about Leslie and Ann investigating whether he's cheating on her." Judging how Leslie has handled past investigations, I'd say this will do more harm than good. 

Will Kurt and Blaine stay together on Glee? — Annie
: It doesn't sound like it. "There's a love triangle coming up, but that doesn't really work out for Kurt," Chris Colfer teases.

I totally loved the Lie to Me finale, especially the ending. What does that mean for Lightman and Foster next season? — Mel
Should Fox order a Season 4 (fingers crossed!), Lightman's admission will be a major focus. "He said he loves Foster," executive producer Alexander Cary tells us. "What we're doing is opening the door into an avenue of investigation of character." But don't start planning a wedding or anything. "What we're not saying is we're going to consummate that," he clarifies.

OK, this Bones spin-off sounds more and more interesting. What else can you tell me about it? — Wendy
Casting is currently underway for the female lead, a sidekick for Geoff Stults' Walter Sherman. She's an intelligent, salty cynic, with a checkered past that might include a run-in or two with organized crime. As such, she is forever grateful to Walter, who helped her create a secret identity after her witness-protection cover was blown.

Please any scoop on Smallville's Chloe! — Julie
We know that when Chloe (Allison Mack) returns, she'll play a nemesis to Lois, but she will also eventually redeem herself, Erica Durance says. First though, she'll have some major explaining to do to regain the supes' trust. "Lois and Chloe are like sisters, so she knows Chloe had a good reason for leaving," she says. "But there's such a history between Chloe and Clark and the way they left off and why she left, so they have to deal with a lot of things to resolve their friendship."

So happy to see Nate back on NCIS: Los Angeles. How long will we have to wait to see him again? — Tim
I have it on very good authority that we will see Mr. Getz again before the end of this season. But will he rejoin the team? Never say never! "I think anything's possible," Peter Cambor tells us. "Until there's a bullet in my head, anything's really possible," For now, however, the actor is enjoying popping in and out. "The cool thing about this character are these periods where there's a mystery. ... It's a surprise wondering what's going to happen and when he's going to show up next."

I'm sad Cougar Town is about to go on hiatus. Have anything to take my mind off of it? — Chase
This might cheer you up: Andy's mom is coming to visit! Described as a 60- to 70-year-old woman with a strong personality, she loves to dote on her son. I will bet you a case of Pinot Noir that Ellie does not get along with this woman.

Any scoop on Damon's new love interest on The Vampire Diaries? — Carson
To get over Rose's death, Damon takes a new lover, spunky reporter Andie Starr. The pair will share a sudsy bubble bath where a shirtless Ian Somerhalder will actually open up to her — not that she'll remember any of it. "She's compelled to do whatever Damon says, but she's so quick and witty," Somerhalder tells us. "It's kind of tragic that the only way he can express himself to anyone is if he puts them under his compulsion."

So, how is 90210 going to explain Ryan and Debbie's exit from the show? Are they going to run away together? — Lena
Perhaps a better question to ask is this: What happens when Jen, Ryan's abandonment-prone baby mama, returns to Beverly Hills? I am hearing that question will be answered before the season wraps.

What's the scoop on Lee McHenry's return to Private Practice? — Sarah
Lee McHenry (Nicholas Brendon) returns in a scenario that will recall the Season 3 finale, in which Sam had to save the drunk driver who nearly killed his own daughter and caused Dell's death. "Cooper has a very primal reaction to his return," Paul Adelstein tells us. "He feels that Lee McHenry is a real threat to Charlotte. Cooper wants that gone. He sees an opportunity for it to be taken care of and he pushes for that."

Anything good on CSI? — Shelly
Is the show planning a Head of the Class homage? How else to explain the producers' desire to cast a Howard Hesseman look-alike? (Seriously.) Discuss.

Adam's Mega Rave: After the overstuffed mess that was Big Love's fourth season, we've come to terms with the fact that the Henricksons' default state is one of beleaguerement. But Margie's bombshell admission — that she was just 16 when she married Bill — had the added effect of quieting the chaos, making us eager to see how the newly elected state senator explains away this dirty little secret.

Natalie's Mini Rant: I did not "like" Mark Zuckerberg's appearance on Saturday Night Live. His acting was as lame as my joke.

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