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What's the story with new episodes of 24? — Randy
MICKEY: Are you a baseball fan, Randy? Even if you're not, you should tune in to the World Series because that's when Fox will unveil the first preview of the new season of 24, which starts in January 2010. But until then, here's a tidbit: Within the first hour of Season 8, Jack will meet his granddaughter. No word yet on whether Baby Bauer is rooting for New York or Philadelphia. (Go Phillies!)

Any news on what's ahead for Cristina and Owen on Grey's Anatomy? I don't want Kim Raver's character to break this couple up. — Lisa
ADAM: Sorry, Lisa, but Raver's Teddy is definitely going to be an obstacle to Crowen. What might surprise you, though, is that Teddy won't be the first bump in the road. I'm hearing that sparks are going to fly between Yang and new Mercy West doc Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) in the Nov. 5 episode, a week before Teddy even scrubs in.

How can everyone on Desperate Housewives still not know that Lynette is pregnant? — Leeanne
MICKEY: Because it's TV, Leeanne! Practicing attorneys should bite their tongues when Cherry & Co. play fast and loose with labor law to float a very funny story line about Lynette's employment as it relates to her pregnancy. It won't end well for Lynette — or Carlos, for that matter. But at least all the conversation about twins will be in reference to babies.

When is CSI going to start really getting into the Dr. Jekyll storyline? — Adrien
ADAM: Patience, Adrien, there's that whole three-show November sweeps crossover to deal with first. Executive producer Naren Shankar tells me the ultra-creepy serial killer who performs bizarre surgeries on his victims will pop up in Episode 9, which airs Dec. 10. The victim: a Las Vegas real estate tycoon. The surgery: "All I'm going to say is that the name of the episode is 'Appendicitement,'" Shankar says.

Are the Vampire Diaries writers sticking to the books? For instance, will Bonnie end up with [name redacted]? — Chris
MICKEY: Whoa there, Chris, don't ruin it for the fans who haven't read the books! "Just because it happens in the book, doesn't mean it's going to happen on the show," Katerina Graham, who plays Bonnie, tells us. As for whether or not the writers plan to get Bonnie and [that person] together, it doesn't look like that will happen any time soon. "One of the writers said I'm not going to get any action for a very long time," says Graham. So [redacted] will have to cool his or her jets in the meantime!

What can you tell me about Pauley Perrette's  NCIS: Los Angeles crossover? — Krysten
ADAM: Abby heads to the West Coast when a victim turns up who matches the profile of a serial killer Abby's secretly been tracking. "She pieces together some unsolved crimes in her own way, and she is convinced there's a killer that no one else thinks exists," Perrette says. "She has a very specific theory and she goes out to L.A. to try to track down this guy... or girl."

When does Glee return with new episodes and can you tease anything juicy? — Nicole
MICKEY: Glee returns Nov. 11, when we learn that both Sue Sylvester and Tina have character-revealing secrets. One reveal will end a relationship before it even gets started. The other will make you reconsider a character you thought you knew.

When will the Criminal Minds producers loosen up Hotch? — Roly
ADAM: To hear executive producer Ed Bernero tell it, they don't need to loosen him up at all. "We all believe that Hotch's stoic nature, his strength, his resolve, is one of the glues that holds the show together," Bernero says. "His unflinching portrayal of a true-believer G-man allows all the other characters to be a bit eccentric...  because there is a representation of the real FBI in Hotch." That said, Bernero promises the show's 100th episode will give fans a completely different view of Hotch.

When will Ryan catch on to Jen Clark's evil ways on 90210? — Pat
MICKEY: Soon, Pat. Once Jen and Ryan hit the skids, he'll rebound with a very interesting woman. She'll entertain him with her colorful stories of the good old days; he'll totally freak out once he realizes that he's sleeping with the mother of one of his students.

On Smallville, will we see Clark wear a suit with some color this season? Or maybe wear his iconic glasses? — Sharlene
ADAM: Get used to the basic black, Sharlene. "He isn't quite done with his suit yet," says executive producer Kelly Souders. "This whole season is the alter ego before he starts transforming into the [Superman] that we all know." As for the glasses, she says, "There's a flirting moment with a pair of glasses. I won't say that he's definitely got them on, but I would watch the next little run. You'll see it in the first nine episodes."

On White Collar, will Neal ever try to run again to get to Kate?
MICKEY: Ankle security monitor be damned, it sure looks like it. Executive producer Jeff Eastin told me that Neal will always want to run. "There will always be that tension, but for the most part Neal is happy with his job," he says. Deduce what you will, then, from the fact that Kate (All My Children's Alexandra Daddario) is a recurring character on the show. We'll see her soon.

Any news on Damages? — Jill
ADAM: Season 3 finds Patty (Glenn Close) single for the first time in a while. Cue Julian Decker, a handsome architect who is also a pretty mean tenor saxophonist. Patty may not exactly swoon over him, but the two will share a kiss in the season premiere.

Adam's Mega Rave: Go ahead and give Jon Hamm his Emmy now. His stunning performance in Sunday's episode of Mad Men hit all the right notes: He began his confrontation with Betty as the defiant, powerful Don Draper, but when the shoebox hit the fan, he was reduced to the crumpled, emotional boy that Dick Whitman is. His unraveling was both heartbreaking and transfixing.

Mickey's Mini Rant: I love a good Rashomon-style story, but Grey's Anatomy's entry into the canon, the episode titled "I Saw What I Saw," seemed unnecessarily complicated for such a lame payoff.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fans, rejoice. Sweet justice!" — wrstlgirl, upon hearing that Dollhouse won't air during November sweeps

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