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Are any of my beloved characters going to die in the final season of One Tree Hill? — Danica
I would say it's a distinct possibility (but look closely, that's not a body Haley is looking at in this promo). Rob Buckley's thoughts on the matter also seem pretty grim. "The One Tree Hill family as we know it is going to change by season's end," he teases. "The people we start the season with [are] not the same group we end it with."

Let's start 2012 with some Hawaii Five-0 spoilers? — James
How do you say "Book 'em, Danno!" in Russian? McGarrett may find out when the team investigates a rape and murder at a $5,000-a-plate fundraiser and the prime suspect seeks asylum at the Russian embassy. Sounds like glasnost will be of no help to McGarrett, who will have to do a little sweet-talking to get the entitled Consul General to hand over the scumbag comrade.

Not that I'm going to miss him, but who mowed down Chuck on Desperate Housewives? — Rebecca
It seems very convenient that Carlos checked himself out of rehab the same night that Chuck became roadkill, don't you think? But maybe too convenient. Instead, ask yourself who sent that ominous letter to Bree, and you might then realize who the vehicular manslaughterer is.

I can't wait for The Vampire Diaries to return! What can you spoil? — Heather
When Klaus decides to take up residence in Mystic Falls, Elena will learn the hard way just how much danger she's putting her brother in. "There has to be a big change," executive producer Julie Plec tells us. "What that is, and what she does, is part of the first episode back." Let's just say we might not see Jeremy for a while.

Anything good coming up on NCIS? — Katie
The show is looking for an actress to play a quick-witted investigative journalist who, while charming on the surface, isn't afraid to get scrappy in order to get the story. When she bulldozes her way into the NCIS team's investigation, however, she gets more than she bargained for — namely, a reunion with someone from her past that brings up a flood of old emotion. Seriously, whose heart hasn't DiNozzo broken?

Got any scoop on New Girl? — Blaine
Sick of looking after his roommates, Schmidt decides to run away and join a group of dirty, drum circle-playing hippies, where he fits right in... until they learn that he knows all the words to "Moves Like Jagger" and pleasures himself to An Inconvenient Truth. Global warming is hot!

What can you tell me about the new female characters on The Finder? — Brent
Mercedes Masohn plays Deputy U.S. Marshal Isabel Zambada, one of Walter's friends with benefits. (No will-they-or-won't-they here — they will, um, do: Isabel sleeps over in the first episode!) Maddie Hasson's 16-year-old criminal Willa, meanwhile, is currently working at Walter's bar as a term of her probation. Although her cons may come in handy in solving the cases, she can't seem to keep her eyes off Walter's secret underground vault... (That's not a euphemism.)

Can you give us a hint as to when Steve comes back on Shameless? Thanks. — @Fiona_Steve, via Twitter
Although he's mentioned often, he won't actually pop up until the end of Episode 3, when Fiona breaks down and gives him a call. Although he seems glad to hear from Fiona, he's clearly got something else on his mind (and someone else on his body).

What's the scoop on Suburgatory? — Justine
NATALIE: When George decides to join the country club, he asks Noah to be his sponsor. Noah is reluctant to help his pal, though, leading to an all-out brawl in the steam room that is less Eastern Promises and more Borat.

I'm dying for some Justified scoop! Are Raylan and Winona going to stay together? — Tammy
It sure looks like it. But where will they live? Now that the couple has a little gunslinger on the way, the motel room they currently call home isn't exactly family-friendly — especially once it becomes a crime scene in the season premiere.

How long will it take for Hank to figure out that it was Divya who prescribed Eric Kassabian (Wilmer Valderrama) the wrong medication on Royal Pains? — James
Her conscience will push her to come clean with Hank fairly quickly after the incident, and it will not only impact her relationship with him, but she'll also lose her job at Hamptons Heritage. Hank will be fairly calm about the whole thing, but don't expect things to go back to normal any time soon.

Your Rizzoli & Isles postmortem says "we may get into" how Jane and Maura met. Does that mean a flashback episode? — Jacob
Affirmative! Look for one in early Season 3. "I have always toyed with the idea of doing a scene about how they met and I think I've come up with an elegant way to do it," executive producer Janet Tamaro tells us. "I think as they try to find their way [to being friends again] it will be interesting to see how they first became friends."

Adam's Mega Rave: Will Justified ever have as great a villain as Mags Bennett? Doubtful. But I'm happy to report that the oily Neal McDonough and menacing Mykelti Williamson are very promising casting choices this season.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Note to ABC: Slapping a skirt and some poorly applied rouge on one of your patented man comedies does not make Work It a feminist statement... or funny.

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(Additional reporting by Joyce Eng, Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope)