Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy), Balthazar Getty (Brothers & Sisters) and Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy), Balthazar Getty (Brothers & Sisters) and Jared Padalecki (Supernatural)

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I heard a rumor that Sara Ramirez has been offered a TV show in which she will star. While I question the reliability of the source, I hope this is true. She is a talented actress who does not get any recognition or decent writing for her Grey's Anatomy character. — Michelle
MATT: "Que sera, Sara?" you ask? Ramirez's rep tells the Buzz, "We haven't heard that rumor" about her being courted for a series of her own. In the meantime, I'm told that Grey's' bi-curious Callie will pick up where she and Erica left off, this time with the pediatric surgeon being played by Jessica Capshaw beginning Jan. 8. But contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere, these two won't start steaming up until Capshaw's third appearance (of at least several).

Tommy Walker is the most annoying sibling on Brothers & Sisters — in a family chock full of annoying. Will he ever get a storyline that will make me like him more? — John
MICKEY: Tommy is definitely the weakest Walker link. Try this: Cover up Balthazar Getty's eyebrows with your hand and then tell me if you still see any acting going on. Nevertheless, his role in the ensemble works for me, but only in the way that every family has a not-quite-as-interesting sibling, right? (Nobody asked for your opinion, random reader Kristen O'Connor.) The good news is that the writers will use Tommy's wildly uneven business acumen as a narrative jumping-off point when The Eyebrows find themselves furrowing for a sobering audience: a judge.

Is the beach house from Two and a Half Men the same set that they used on Laverne & Shirley when the girls moved to California? — Stacy
MICKEY: Nope, Stacy, but you're also not the first person to ask. John Shaffner, the show's production designer, explains that it's because the two sets share a Spanish Colonial style. Next question for the group: Of Charlie and Alan, which is the schlemiel and which is the schlimazel? Discuss.

The first half of this season's Supernatural has pretty much been The Dean Winchester & Castiel Show featuring guest appearances by Jared Padalecki's Sam. Is this a trend that you see continuing? — Eric
MATT: I know, people are still smarting from "In the Beginning," right? This I can tell you: When the season resumes on Jan. 15, the first two episodes are equal parts Dean and Sam (with the first entry being gloriously dark and scary). But what Jared fans should most look forward is the third outing, "After School Special," in which both teen and modern-day Sam experience much emotional upheaval. 

Why does 90210 pay so much attention to Naomi? I'm much more interested in Silver and Annie's stories. — Emily
MICKEY: I don't know, Emily; I think the storylines have been pretty balanced so far, with the possible exception of far too little Jessica Walter (hic). That said, my West Bev moles do seem to be Naomi-focused of late. For example, if you are a fan of Paula Abdul music videos starring Keanu Reeves and/or the Fast and the Furious movies, you have much to look forward to in 2009. 

Whatever came of Breaking Bad? Can we expect to see new episodes, and when? Also: Whatever happened to Surviving Suburbia? — Floyd
TIM: AMC's brilliant Breaking Bad, one of our top shows of 2008, returns Sunday, March 8, at 10 pm/ET. While the writers' strike cut the debut season to seven episodes, Season 2 will run for a full 13 episodes. So we'll get an in-depth look at Walt's attempts to stave off death while keeping up his crystal-meth production. As for Surviving Suburbia, it went into limbo when the contract ended between the CW and Media Rights Capital, which produced the show. A rep says the show is still negotiating with CW about its future. 

I am looking forward to Kings. The sneak preview looks exciting. Any scoop on the show or NBC's plans to launch it? — DryedMangoez
MICKEY: Kings' two-hour premiere is on Thursday, March 19 at 9 pm. In the meantime, the first episode is dense, Shakespearean and juicy. Think The Sopranos meets Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet. Ian McShane (Deadwood) takes up a lot of room as King Silas, of course, but I'm most intrigued by the one-two punch of Christopher Egan as a good-hearted soldier named David and Sebastian Stan (who played Carter on Gossip Girl) as a debauched, spoiled prince.

Is there anything in the Smallville episode "Hex" that furthers the Clark-Lois relationship? — Trisha
MATT: It's fair to say there's a little something for every fan base in this season's 17th outing, in which a truly magical magician fulfills Chloe's wish to have Lois' "easy" life ... by transplanting her into her cousin's body. While my frenemy already teased a "longing look" between Clark and "Lois" — and Erica Durance's admirers can obviously count on seeing gobs of their fave actress — Chloe fans should be very pleased with an epiphany their girl reaches at episode's end. By the way, you know Clark gets a wish granted as well, right? 

I'm loving the new TNT show Leverage. It seems like Nate and Sophie have a romantic history. Any episode where we find out if there's still a spark? — Maya
Can you wait to see for yourself on Tuesday at 10 pm? Because in the very next episode, "The Miracle Job," Nate and Sophie take a second to reminisce about the past — and consider whether they have a future. Sophie seems open, but makes it clear she won't wait forever for Nate to make up his mind. (Be sure to read Gina "Sophie" Bellman's blogs.)

I realize I am probably the only one wondering this, but where is Kimberly Williams-Paisley in this season's According to Jim? — Patti
MATT: You are, in fact, the only person wondering this ... who then went on to email Mega Buzz. Williams-Paisley is not a series regular for this, the sitcom's eighth season. The word is that she wanted to spend some quality time with her hubby Brad Paisley and their 22-month-old son, Huck. 

I've never seen Lost and I'm wondering if it would be too confusing to start watching now. — Laura
MICKEY: Of course not, Laura! Here, let me get you up to speed: First, there was a swirling ball of gases. Then, the Big Bang! After that, the dinosaurs came... Seriously though, it's a rich, satisfying, and complicated show, but as long as you are OK with not knowing everything about this highly mythologized drama, I'd say go for it. I did the same with Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica, and though I have my what-the-frak moments, I still enjoy it like all the other nerds. You could try watching this ABC-sanctioned catch-up video, which does a pretty good job of summing up the first four seasons. Namaste, Laura! (Get it? No, probably not, but you will eventually.)

Any buzz on Moonlight? Are any of the networks picking it up again? Love the show and sorry to have seen it go! — Mary
MICKEY: Yes! It was just announced that once Alex O'Loughlin completes the sold-out run of the Royal Shakespeare Company's I, Mick, he'll start rehearsals on the San Francisco Opera's Amore di Vampiro Senza Camiche (Shirtless Vampire Love), which is scheduled to open the 2010 season. Get your tickets now! [Editor's Note: Mickey is mocking you. Moonlight is still dead. As are Women's Murder Club, Blood Ties, Las Vegas and Men in Trees.]

I'm dying to know if there is any chance that we will see Adam Monroe again on Heroes? — Stacie
MATT: In the spirit of giving, Stacie, I made a valiant last bid to secure you a status report. Alas, a source confirms for me that David Anders' character "is as dead as dead can be." That's right — even given the very fluid afterlife of Heroes, there are no signs that Anders will be back.

Matt's Mega Rave: Pushing Daisies' going six feet under is tragic, for sure. But I could imagine no greater "resurrection" for Kristin Chenoweth than as the female lead on David E. Kelley's next sure-to-be-zany legal drama. While I'll always love Olive, I'm already cheering "Yippee!" for Legally Mad's Skippy.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Like that sad-sack Ned, the now-canceled Daisies didn't get enough love in its childhood. This week, the Screen Actors Guild continued the cycle of abuse.

Tim's Micro Riff: No strong feelings about Daisies.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Personally, I am sick and tired of washed-up acts like Barry Manilow appearing on American Idol. I am 27 and I want to see artists that are relevant to today's industry. Does Neil Diamond even know what an iPod is?" (jt3276, responding to Simon Cowell's interest in Britney Spears serving as an Idol mentor)

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