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Anything on The Blacklist— Michelle 
While everyone has been focused on the mystery of Liz's father, Season 2 will also explore who Liz's mother was. "If the part about my dad wasn't true, what is the truth, if any, that I need to learn about my mom?" executive producer John Eisendrath says of Liz's mindset this year. In other news, there will be a small time jump when the show returns, but Berlin will still very much be in the picture as the main villain in the "first portion of the year," Eisendrath adds.

Will Molly's alien boyfriend Marcus pop up again on Extant— George
Yes, and the fact that whatever this entity is appeared to Molly as her dead first love is key to the big mystery of the show. "She's reminded that her past is as important as what's going on in her present because it's all relative," Sergio Harford, who plays Marcus, says. "You'll slowly start to figure out their past and the relationship that they had makes sense to what's going on currently in her situation, even with her family."

I know it's really early, but I was wondering if you had any scoop on the next season of The Following? — Alan
I hear that the show is casting Ryan's new girlfriend, an emergency room doctor — handy! — who has an 8-year-old daughter. What makes her perfect for Ryan? Her hardscrabble past and terrible taste in men!

Please tell me you have some good news for Calzona on Grey's Anatomy— Betty
I'm fresh out of good news. But... "The concept of the surrogate reveals more problems than it solves," executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells me. "They pretended a lot of things were OK when they weren't OK and it's time to face those problems. They'll either work them out or not and figure out what they want to be next." Don't shoot the messenger!

Did everyone survive the explosion from the Chicago Fire finale? — Tindra  
It's not looking good. If case you haven't seen this, you should know that not everyone will walk away unscathed. So who will be extinguished? Well, a fresh face will be joining the cast, and she's a paramedic. (She's also a runaway bride on the hunt for a new groom.)

How will Joan feel about Sherlock's new protégée on Elementary? — Ethan
Joan and Kitty will have an, er, interesting first meeting that turns pretty physical. And how will Joan feel about Sherlock's return from England? She gives him a rather icy reception, which is totally perfect for Lucy Liu, right? Also: Did you see this?

I still can't believe it's the final season of Parenthood! What can you tease for Season 6? — Hayley
The final season will include at least one more love story, but you might be surprised who it involves. "One story I'm really looking forward to is telling the story of Max's first real crush, which I think will have a lot of fun and humor in it," executive producer Jason Katims says. "I always love to find something new to play for that character." Here's hoping Hank has at least some helpful dating wisdom to share!

Is it too much to hope that Caity Lotz will be back on Arrow next season? — Katrina
Even though our favorite Canary passed off her leather jacket to Laurel and disappeared into the ether with Nyssa, I hear Sara will be back for the Season 3 premiere. I wonder how she'll feel about Oliver and Felicity going on a date!

What's going to happen to those four survivors on The Strain? — Jared
Let's just say that survivor doesn't equal victim. "We learn a lot more about these four survivors and about how instrumental they are in the spread of the vampirism," executive producer Carlton Cuse tells me. "They become a very essential public distraction that allows the other 206 victims on the plane to turn and return home to their loved ones"

Anything on the new season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Denise
Let's play a game. I'll give you a description and you guess which Marvel character this newcomer might be. I hear they're casting for a ruggedly handsome, physically fit actor to play a character who can escape any situation, is a bit of a wild card and, though he's mostly interested in personal gain, always ends up doing the right thing. Get to guessing in the comments!

Will Felicity ever make her way over to The Flash? — Manuel
"That's our hope," executive producer Greg Berlanti tells me. "Our hope is to get some crossovers going sooner rather than later with all the shows." Interestingly enough, the producers had discussed the possibility of Felicity and Barry dating across shows — a la Lindsay and Severide on the Chicago shows — but it sounds like they have something else in mind. "We have all sorts of romantic possibilities for both of them on both shows," he says. "Hopefully the first time Felicity comes to town, we'll deal with all that stuff." Bonus scoop.

When are we going to meet that new alien race Defiance promised us? — Kithma
Soon! Episode 7 will introduce us to the Gulani, a sexy, energy-based race of aliens. "They're kind of like the boogie man," Grant Bowler says. "They're what everybody is terrified of. The Gulani were never meant to come to Earth." But when one of the Gulani escapes their energy prison on The Ark, it goes on the run around Defiance wreaking havoc. Sounds like a job for the lawkeeper to me!

Mega Rave: Sure, Audrey's death on the 24: Live Another Day finale was heartbreaking, but when President Heller told the P.M. that he wouldn't even remember that he had a daughter (because of his incipient Alzheimer's), I was absolutely destroyed.

Mini Rant: I don't think I can handle what's likely to be a very emotional death in the final season of Parenthood.

This Week's Recommendation: Married (Thursday at 10/9c on FX) Starring Oscar winner Nat Faxon and Hollywood's in-demand best friend Judy Greer, this honest comedy masters self-deprecation with jokes that make light of trying to keep the spark alive.

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