We live in a magical time of reboots and revivals, and that means Disney is going to breathe life back into every millennial's childhood favorite, Lizzie McGuire. The revival of this Disney Channel original series has had a few bumps along the way, but we're still crossing our fingers for a return to Lizzie's world of drama, besties, and snarky cartoon commentary.

After a lot of talk and not a lot of action concerning a potential Lizzie McGuire movie, Disney finally announced that we will be returning to Lizzie's drama-filled world, and naturally, we're dying to watch this new series. So far, there are few details about what the Disney+ revival would be about, but a fair amount of details on all the behind-the-scenes issues that have left the show's fate unknown.

Here's everything we know so far about the potential Lizzie McGuire Disney+ revival series.

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The revival is officially on hold. Though it began filming in the fall, production halted soon after, with showrunner Terri Minsky departing the series. Disney released a statement saying, "Fans have a sentimental attachment to Lizzie McGuire and high expectations for a new series. After filming two episodes, we concluded that we need to move in a different creative direction and are putting a new lens on the show."

In February, Hilary Duff spoke out about the creative differences happening behind the scenes, one of which was the mature content of the series she and Minsky were apparently receiving pushback on. Apparently, Duff and Minksy were not interested in telling a PG version of the story. 

In July, Duff gave an update to PopSugar, saying, "Disney has certain things that have to be met for their brand, and I totally understand that, and they totally understand my needs. So we're in a really good place of being like, 'Hey, we pressed pause, and we're regrouping.' There's been a lot of like creative meetings, obviously virtually. I think we're on the right path, and I want it to happen more than anyone and they obviously feel the same way."

It will air on Disney+. While there is no premiere date currently attached to the revival, we do know that it will debut exclusively on Disney's new streaming platform, Disney+. So if you want to revisit the good times with Lizzie, you'll have to sign up for yet another streaming service.

Hilary Duff is returning as Lizzie. Duff is reprising her role as the title character. In addition to starring in the revival, she is also an executive producer.

Lizzie will be 30 years old in the revival. The new series picks up with Lizzie nearing her 30th birthday, living in a picturesque Brooklyn apartment, and working her dream job as an assistant to a fancy New York interior decorator. "Just like me and everybody...who grew up with her, Lizzie is also grown up. She's older, she's wiser, [and] she has a much bigger shoe budget," Duff joked at the 2019 D23 Expo.

And her wardrobe is just as colorful as ever — a photo from the show's first day of production, released last October, showed Lizzie sporting a bright coat and toting a massive stuffed alpaca through the icy streets of NYC.

She also has a boyfriend. As Duff told the packed room at the D23 Expo, Lizzie has "kind of the perfect life right now," and that includes "a dream guy who owns a cool Soho restaurant."

Gordo is back! Adam Lamberg will reprise his role as Gordo, one of Lizzie's middle school best friends, in the revival. Toward the end of the series, the two realized they had feelings for each other and even kissed in 2003's The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Duff said in a statement, "I can't wait for fans to see what he's up to 15 years later and how he fits into Lizzie's adult world."

Hilary Duff and Adam Lamberg, Lizzie McGuireHilary Duff and Adam Lamberg, Lizzie McGuire

Some of Lizzie's other junior high classmates could also appear. Duff told Entertainment Tonight in 2019 that "chances are strong," we'll see other fan-favorite characters like Miranda (Lalaine), Kate (Ashley Brillault), and Ethan (Clayton Snyder).

The whole McGuire family will return. Disney has confirmed that the rest of the McGuire clan, Hallie Todd's Jo, Robert Carradine's Sam, and Jake Thomas' Matt, would also be returning for the revival. The actors even took a nice family photo of their first reunion in 15 years at a table read.

Hallie Todd, Jake Thomas, Hilary Duff, and Robert Carradine, <em>Lizzie McGuire</em>Hallie Todd, Jake Thomas, Hilary Duff, and Robert Carradine, Lizzie McGuire

Cartoon Lizzie is back too. Just because Lizzie's older and seemingly living her dream life, it doesn't mean she won't still need an animated version of her inner thoughts to comment on her life! Lizzie's 13-year-old animated alter ego, who provides funny and revealing commentary about what Lizzie is really thinking, will return in the revival as well. 

Lizzie won't have kids. Like a lot of millennials in their 30s, Lizzie won't have chosen to become a parent just yet, Duff confirmed to Entertainment Weekly. So don't expect her to be raising the next generation of McGuires — yet!

The first episode is set in New York, but the show might not stay there. Duff also told Entertainment Weekly that the series doesn't explain much of how Lizzie got to New York, and she might not stay there for long, based on the events of the premiere episode.

The first new footage has arrived. In a sneak peek at what was coming to Disney+, Disney unveiled the first footage from the Lizzie McGuire revival

The Lizzie McGuire original series and 2003 follow movie are currently available to stream on Disney+.