Marcia Cross, Summer Glau and Kyra Sedgwick Marcia Cross, Summer Glau and Kyra Sedgwick

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your burning questions. (Don't forget to email us your own spoilery needs.)

I'd love it if you could give a "hint" as to whom on Wisteria Lane Desperate Housewives' Dave Williams has a vendetta against? - Barbara
Matt: Hint, coincidence or sloppy character-naming? You decide. George-the-nutty-pharmacist's last name was Williams.

I need scoop about what is going on with Cameron on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Sookie on True Blood. - Sarah 
Matt: Tackling Terminator first, are you ready for some girl-on-girl action? Because the Oct. 20 episode finds Cameron slugging it out with another fierce fembot - all within the confines of an elevator. I need a cigarette already.
Mickey: I'm going to give you a non-spoiler spoiler about True Blood. I accidentally found out who the serial killer is the other day, and it kind of broke my heart. (Hint: It's one of the "good" guys.)

Have anything juicy on Gossip Girl?  - Kate
Mickey: Remember how Nate and his mom helped The Captain escape prosecution? Well, I'm hearing that Mr. Archibald (Sam Robards) will reward their loyalty by… double-crossing them! Which is pretty crummy considering Nate almost became a manwhore to fix the family's money problems. Thanks, Dad!

Could you indulge my Bones theory? Considering a) the big backlash against making Zack evil, b) the "backtrack" by making Zack not the killer and empirically repentant and c), the lack of a permanent lab replacement, will Gormogon's apprentice be doing some community service time at the Jeffersonian? - Charles 
Mickey: I will indulge your theory, Charles, but as we've already seen, Zack can sneak out of the booby hatch to go back to work at the Jeffersonian almost any time he likes! Yes, Eric Millegan is going to show up "periodically" this season, but I'm guessing it won't always be in this unique professional capacity.

Any chance of Zooey Deschanel turning up on Bones? - David 
Mickey: At the moment, no. The producers are fans, but don't hold your breath for Brennan's "long-lost sister" to pop up or anything.

Need scoopage on Lipstick Jungle and Private Practice! - Jill
Matt: Airdate alert! Former Las Vegas minx Vanessa Marcil's trio of Lipstick episodes kick off Nov. 11. Watch for her to set her sights on Paul Blackthorne's character, much to Brooke Shields' no-likey. As for Private (as they call it in the ABC hallways), be sure to check out my fresh Q&A with Paul Adelstein. Also, 24 fans should be glad to "spy" Leslie Hope in the Oct. 22 episode.

Is Dell gone for good? - Melissa 
Matt: Depends on what you mean by "gone." Gone from Oceanside Wellness? I now shall emulate a certain governor and ignore your question to instead tease my upcoming video of Chris Lowell talking all about Dell's possible (and pregnant!) new love interest.

Do you have anything on The Closer's Brenda and Fritz? - Maya
Matt: I have more than "anything"; I have teases straight from the series' creator. "The next five episodes will revolve around the resolution of the engagement between Fritz and Brenda," says James Duff, who promises a trio of appearances by Brenda's parents (aka Barry Corbin and Frances Sternhagen) as well as "a special star turn" by Billy Burke (Twilight). Duff also let slip one other thing, but it sounded like a news story in and of itself, so shhh!

What will happen to Pushing Daisies after getting such low ratings? I seriously don't want to see that show gone. - Marin 
Mickey: Nor do I, especially since what I've seen of Season 2 is just as creative and fulfilling as its eight pre-strike episodes were. I just spoke with Pieman Lee Pace himself about this very issue, and he maintains that series creator Bryan Fuller's unique vision has the support of ABC. That said, I'm guessing that if the ratings don't perk up, Ned's magic finger might come in handy.

Is The Mentalist a hit because of its great ratings? - Keith 
Matt: I'm don't pay attention quite as well as Simon Baker pseudo-psychic, but I'd say so! In fact, last Friday the Eye ordered six more scripts.

Dirty Sexy Money's second season opener was awesome! Did Tripp's wife kill Nick’s father? - Diane
I doubt that Letitia did it - and so does Nick. In related news, watch for Dan Rather to moderate the debate between wannabe senator Patrick Darling and his opponent in the Oct. 22 episode. (Queen Latifah was not available?)

Season 4.0 Battlestar Galactica DVD release date? - Ann
Our buddy Dave at says Season 4.0 is heading your way on January 6, 2009, which is probably around the same time that Sci Fi will resume the final stretch.

I love ABC Family's Lincoln Heights, but it's been on for three seasons now and still no DVDs. Do you have a clue as to why? And what are the chances of it being renewed for a fourth season? - Kirsten
An ABCF rep wants you to know they're looking into DVD distribution, but there's no release date yet. Similarly, "No decision has been made yet" about Season 4 — so keep watching it now and through mid-November, Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET.

Mickey's Mega Rave: Since I've been tasked with writing the episode recaps for Dancing with the Stars this fall, I haven't have a lot of time for other TV on Monday and Tuesday nights. When the weekend rolls around, my TiVo is chock-full of great viewing: Gossip Girl, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Fringe, 90210, and House. I am officially part of the DVR generation!

Matt's Mini Rant: I know, Mickey, that's it's akin to kvetching, "So sunny!" But really, one man's "chock full" is another man's glut." I'd need Sheldon, Leonard and the boys to rewire my DVR to come close to capturing Monday-night's TV offerings alone! What say we remove Saturday of its wasteland status and slot some of the family-friendlier low- to mid-range series there?

Reader Quote of the Week: "What girl wouldn't prefer a heartfelt pre-set 'how R U' over flowers and a personal visit in a time of great need? It's just so sweet, it brings a tear to my eye!" (Mr. Furley, on David Spade's "cellular" outreach to troubled gal pal Heather Locklear) 

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