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Is it lights out for House? Executive producer David Shore is set to meet with execs from Fox and Universal TV (which produces the show) in the coming days to decide if this is indeed the last season of the long-running medical drama.

Shore recently told the network and studio that he needs an answer in order to start plotting a potential series finale. Among the factors playing into the decision: Is star Hugh Laurie ready to hang up Dr. House's cane? Would he do the show if Shore departs (the producer's deal expires at the end of this season)? Does Fox feel the show is too pricey to continue, even as it still posts decent ratings? And would NBC (parent company to Universal TV) make a Hail Mary attempt at taking over the show if Fox passes?

Laurie's deal is up at the end of this season, and the actor has said that he may be ready to move on. "It will be resolved soon," one show insider says. "[Shore] is looking to have that conversation. He's got a bit of planning to do." A surprise pickup is always possible, but if it's truly over, "eight years has been a good run," the insider adds.

After a tough negotiation last spring, Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly said it was "pretty likely" this was House's final year. Reilly later told reporters that a concrete decision would be made by mid-fall — which is now. Either way, expect an announcement soon.

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