Hugh Laurie Hugh Laurie

After eight seasons and 177 episodes, House star Hugh Laurie can't quite put his finger on which hour he'll remember the most.

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"If I had a serviceable memory, I would probably have [a favorite], but I don't," Laurie says in the exclusive video below. (Our diagnosis: He's spent too much time memorizing rare diseases!)Fortunately, some of Laurie's co-stars haven't suffered as much memory loss. "My favorite episode is a very dark episode,"

Peter Jacobson says. "Kutner kills himself. That's a great acting challenge, and it was also hard because we were losing a friend and a colleague."

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For the picks of fellow cast members Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps and Odette Annable, click play below. And while we're talking about it, share your favorite House episodes in the comments!House airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.