Patrick Dempsey (<I>Grey's Anatomy</I>), Milo Ventimiglia (<I>Heroes</I>) and Adam Rodriguez (<I>CSI: Miami</I>) Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy), Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) and Adam Rodriguez (CSI: Miami)

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After watching the promo for the next episode of Grey's, I must ask: Is there anything for Mer-Der fans to look forward to? You know, other than three women lying in Mer's bed while Derek lives downstairs? — Karen
Matt: Well when you phrase it like that, you make me think that Melissa George's debut this week as Sadie, a college pal of Meredith's, will only further muddle things for the would-be Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd. But maybe not. Consider this: Sadie's arrival will prompt Cristina — who feels displaced by her BFF's old BFF — to be a better sounding board for Derek, and that just might ease the tension in the lovebirds' overcrowded nest. Oh, and speaking of Xtina: Kevin McKidd (Owen) is now a series regular.

When does the next volume start on Heroes? Because "Villains" is turning the show into Heroezzz. (No offense, Tim Kring.) — Charles
Mickey: I hear you, Charles. At this point, I don't even care who is good and who is evil and/or how they got there; I'm just ready to move on. The next volume, titled "Fugitives" and said to be inspired by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, begins in January. It centers on a character called The Hunter (Damages Emmy winner Zeljko Ivanek) and, by all accounts, represents a reboot of the series. I, for one, will welcome it with a freakin' Fifth Avenue parade.

Numbers' pairing of Liz Warner (Aya Sumika) with the "new guy," Nikki (Sophina Brown), worked quite well in the episode "Scan Man." Will they team up again? — Kathy
Matt: Do you want the good news first? Of course you do. "Nikki and Liz will definitely be teaming up again," exec producer Ken Sanzel tells the Buzz. But for how much longer is the big question, seeing as Liz has a job transfer pending. "That will be addressed in the next few episodes," says Sanzel, "as a big opportunity comes her way."

Numbers is done with the "Charlie needs to get his clearance back" arc, so why must Agent McGowan still be in the episodes? And do you have any "Chamita" scoopage? - Delynn
Matt: Do you want the bad news first? Of course you do. Agent McGowan's three-episode arc is now done, but, Ken Sanzel shares, "We have plans for a future storyline that would involve Keith Carradine's return." This is where I soothe that sting with the scoop that Charlie and Amita's relationship will definitely continue to mature.

When does Nip/Tuck's new season start? I miss those sexy doctors. — Kathy
Mickey: You know what I don't miss, Kathy? My old nose! I am just two calf implants away from becoming the complete package! Then we'll see who is "So You Think You Can Dance material"!!! (Editor's Note: While Mickey is under general anesthesia — the quietest he has been in months — let us point out that Nip/Tuck returns to FX on Tuesday, Jan. 6 for an eight-episode run, the completion of the strike-interrupted fifth season. The final 19 episodes will air in two parts to wrap up the series over 2010 and 2011. Also on FX, Damages' second season debuts on Wednesday, Jan. 7.)

Are Calleigh and Eric finally going to admit their feelings to each other this season on CSI: Miami? — Christi
Matt: If Calleigh intends to, I'd urge her to make quick with the Hallmark card. Because to hear Megalyn Echikunwoke (aka Dr. Tara Price) tell it in this video Q&A, Eric "has the hots" for the new lady coroner.

When will True Blood's second season air? Will it be based on Charlaine Harris' second book? — Stacy
Mickey: HBO hasn't set a Season 2 premiere date yet, but look for it to return around June 2009. Creator Alan Ball will combine elements from the second book with original stories, much as he did for the first season.

Any word on whether Robert Carlyle will be in Season 7 of 24? And are any characters from past seasons returning, besides Kim? — Yong
Matt: Several characters from the 24: Redemption TV-movie (airing Nov. 23) — Cherry Jones and Jon Voight, to name two — are sticking around for Season 7. Carlyle just isn't one of them. (P.S. Is it awful that when I look at him, all I see is his crazed zombie from 28 Weeks Later?) As for returning folk, in addition to Kim Bauer and you-know-who, you've also got Bill Buchanan and Chloe O'Brian (this despite CTU being disbanded), as well as Chloe's hubby, Morris.

What is Smallville's Chloe up to in the episodes following her wedding to Jimmy (airing Nov. 20)? — Sue
Matt: Since "Bride" is positioned as a massive cliffhanger preceding Smallville's never-super winter hiatus (rumored to be stretching as long as eight weeks this time), you can expect Chloe to have much to deal with in its aftermath — not the least of which is the fact that the poor thing will not have seen the last of Brainiac. Hopefully I can dig up more scoop in my imminent sit-down with "Groom" Aaron Ashmore. By the way, did you see this Chlark kiss?

Any news on Pushing Daisies, I love this show, like so many others, and we really don't want to see it go. — Sara
Mickey: While it's true that the show's ratings (it has hovered around 6 million viewers all season) haven't set the world on fire, let's put a pin in the discussion for now, Sara. The Buzz is that the network has until January to exercise its options with the show, so we may still be weeks away from any sort of decision.

Is the football scheduling issue going to cost us The Unit? I know that the split hour of some Cold Case/some The Unit often leads to low ratings. — Andrea
Matt: Not only is The Unit holding steady... and not only is the show working off a full 22-episode order this season... but some of its stars are stepping behind the cameras soon. Scott Foley will direct his first episode late this month, while Dennis "You're in Good Hands with Allstate" Haysbert himself will helm Episode 17.

Any scoop on upcoming episodes of Prison Break? — Chaya
Matt: As you may know, we're in the midst of a run of eight straight episodes that climaxes with the midseason finale, airing Dec. 22. (That's when Kathleen Quinlan shows up as... um, someone of interest.) Along the way, watch for Michael to be blindsided by a most unexpected betrayal — and literally at the worst possible moment.

I'm loving the new season of Without a Trace, but I want to rewatch some of the old ones. Any word on when more seasons will be released on DVD? — Jen
Mickey: I'll probably get hate mail for this, but who buys Without a Trace on DVD? Anyhow, Gord Lacey, my brother from another website mother,, reports that Trace didn't sell well on disc, and as such, there are no plans for any future releases at this time

Matt's Mega Rave: Is a kiss sometimes just a kiss? House deftly addressed that question this week as the surly surgeon and Cuddy struggled to make sense of their spontaneous mash session. Contrary to fans' fears, the lip-lock did not make our Dr. Nasty weak in the needling ("I hit that," he exaggerated to staffers picking up on tension between him and the boss lady). The episode's best moment came when Wilson got Cuddy (and us) thinking that things would not necessarily have to be "messy" were she to prescribe romance for herself and House.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Remember the fuss we made about Brothers & Sisters' Justin and Rebecca kissing? Who knew their biggest controversy would be how boring a couple they are?

Reader Quote of the Week: "It seemed only a matter of time before otherwise sensible Americans woke up and said, "Oh my god, I'm watching ballroom dancing with D-list celebrities" and changed the channel. But don't despair, there are support groups forming for those of you who have lost years of your lives to cheesy reality shows. We meet at Ken Mok's house every Wednesday night and burn Marie Osmond in effigy." (stonyg, on the rising ratings for The Big Bang Theory)

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