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New Rachel! New glee clubbers! New York! There are plenty of shiny, new things to focus on in the Season 4 premiere of Glee, airing Thursday, Sept. 13  at 9/8c on Fox. TVGuide.com got an early glimpse at the episode and dug hard to find the eight biggest spoilers :

1. A breakup! After the graduation of eight seniors, there are still tons of couples that could be on the chopping block: Kurt and Blaine, Santana and Brittany, Mike and Tina, Mercedes and Sam. And who says it's not Will and Emma that somehow hit the skids on the way to marital bliss? Our lips are sealed.

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2. A power struggle! Now that it's cool to be in glee club following the win at Nationals, look out for a serious vocal battle "thunderdome" style to become the new Rachel and lead New Directions to another win.

3. Coach Sue better watch her back! Not to defend her title as Cheerios coach, but to defend her title of Glee's Queen of Mean. There are not one, but two faces working hard to dethrone her. One is determined to make a fan favorite's "every waking moment hell on earth," and the other is a full believer in the slushy-ing tactic.

4. Sam's Impressions: The Sequel. We asked, and Glee delivers in the opening moments of the episode. And this time, Trouty Mouth is taking on a celeb ripped from the pages of Teen Beat.

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5. Everybody needs a little help from their Friends? In the tradition of storied Glee nicknames such as "Porcelain" (Kurt) and "Jugs the Clown" (Santana), one character will be graced with the nickname Ms. David Schwimmer. Yeah, that actor is great, but trust us, in this case it's an insult. As Ross would say, ::pounds fists together::.

6. Someone got a tattoo! Yes, someone actually has the phrase "make change forever" stamped on their bum for all of eternity (or at least until he/she can afford those pricey tattoo removal sessions). But you'll never guess what the person originally asked for!

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7. Two of the new kids are hiding family secrets. Is that why their hair is so big? Or is it?!

8. Get your tissue box ready! Gleeks may have thought their tear ducts ran dry after that emotional season finale, aka the Finchel split of 2012. But one emotional separation in the premiere is almost certain to end that drought.

The new season of Glee premieres on Thursday, Sept. 13 at 9/8c on Fox.

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