Eve Eve

In this Wednesday's episode of Glee (9/8c on Fox), New Directions finally meets some of the competition for sectionals: Jane Adams Academy, led by Grace Hitchens (guest-star Eve). The rapper-actress took a few minutes from her tour in Dubai — her fourth album "Flirt" drops later this year — to dish on her guest stint, including the plot to take down the McKinley High glee club.

Rapper Eve to guest-star on Glee

Working as a glee club coach from a competing reform school, "she gets approached about trying to get rid of the glee club at the school," Eve said. "You see her take these girls to the school and they do this 'Bootylicious' number, which blows the competition away. When you see this number, you're going to die. It's one of those things where you're like, 'How can they make this happen?' but it's also hilarious at the same time."

Grace's tactics are far different than those of Will (Matthew Morrison). "For me especially, I come from a harder place" she said. "I'm the teacher of a reform school. I'm used to being very strict."

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Originally, songstress Whitney Houston was going to guest star in this role. "I would've loved to watch that myself," Eve said. "I think it would've been different in a sense because she's an original diva. She would've brought a whole other energy, which would've been amazing."

Unfortunately, Eve won't be singing during the episode. "It was really fun to sit back and watch everyone else sing," she said. "If there was another episode and I could come back, it would be amazing if I could sing." What's her ideal song if she returns to the show? "Sweet Dreams," by The Eurythmics, she said. "That's like my karaoke go-to song."  

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With the news that fellow Glee guest-star Kristin Chenoweth will return to the show, might Eve be lured back as well? "If I'm asked to do it, I definitely would," she said. "It's just a really well-made, smart show."