Ted Danson, Gary Sinise Ted Danson, Gary Sinise

Friday's episode of CSI: NY may feature a side of Mac Taylor viewers don't see very often.

The episode— the conclusion of the CSI crossover event that began on the mothership series Wednesday — finds Mac (Gary Sinise) and D.B. Russell (CSI star Ted Danson) returning to New York to track down the people who have kidnapped Mac's girlfriend Christine (Megan Dodds). And given Mac's personal investment in this case, his desire for justice burns even hotter than usual.

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"Many times crossovers are really big, giant [events], not very personal stories to our team," executive producer Pam Veasey tells TVGuide.com. "But it's

very personal to Mac. He [goes] a little bit rogue. I think you'll see him just a little more aggressive and dramatic."But will he go too far? During the course of the investigation, Mac comes across Zane Kalim (Homeland's Navid Negahban), a career criminal who refuses to give Mac and D.B. the information he has on Christine's whereabouts. As Christine's time gets shorter and shorter, Mac may be forced to resort to methods that flirt with the boundaries of protocol. But while Mac's team might second-guess him, Russell's got his back. "Mac knows the relationship he has with this woman," Veasey says. "People are speculating things based on what they look like... and he can only say, 'I know she wouldn't do that.' But he has no forensic evidence to prove otherwise. He seems to be a guy on his own, but D.B. steps up. Because he [almost] lost someone at the beginning of the season, he understands that drive."

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Veasey also notes that Mac's devotion to finding Christine further cements how important she is in his life. "We just want Mac to have a relationship and see that he's committed," she says. "That means a lot to him [to] say it out loud. Mac is usually not forthcoming, but Mac's really bringing it to work and sharing that relationship."So, assuming Christine makes it out alive, might the couple become even more "committed" before the end of the season? Veasey isn't exactly sending out "save the date" cards. "He's happy to have her in his life," she says. "But we're not in a rush to do anything."CSI: NY airs Fridays at 9/8c on CBS. Check out an exclusive sneak peek from Friday's episode below.