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Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: Sarah Paulson in Ratched, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Plus: Jon and Roy are back with another helping of The Chef Show

Tim Surette

This here story is all about the top 12 new shows and movies being released on Netflix this week, but they're not necessarily the most popular shows and movies on Netflix. No, that list comes from Netflix itself via its daily Netflix Top 10 list, which is based on the amount of streams by subscribers. It's great to see what's resonating with audiences and what people are talking about, but the big problem with it is there's no way to tell what's actually good on the list since you and I know that regular people aren't the best judge of quality, right? 

But you know who is? Me and my partners on the Reviews and Recommendations team here at TV Guide. We decided to go through the Netflix Top 10 and be your arbiters of what is good and what isn't on our mission to help you spend less time browsing and more time watching. Take a look, and then come back here to see what shows might end up on the Top 10 throughout the week.

All titles debut on Friday, Sept. 18 unless otherwise noted. Here's what came out on Netflix last week.

If you're looking for even more hand-picked recommendations, we have plenty. If you'd like to see the best of what's coming out on Netflix in September, here are our Editors' Picks for Netflix's September releases and everything that's coming to the service in the month. 

The Biggest Releases

Ratched, Season 1
Does anyone in the TV world feel themselves harder than Ryan Murphy? You would have to wake up every day feeling like Allen Iverson in 2001 to even consider making a prequel series to the 1962 novel/1975 movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest -- one of the most acclaimed movies ever made -- focusing on the character of Nurse Ratched, let alone doing it in a different tone and style from the movie, changing from a straightforward drama to a psychological thriller. But Murphy only puts up big shots, and this one stars his frequent collaborator Sarah Paulson in a colorful period piece set in 1947 that tells the cruel nurse's origin story. Ratched's all-star cast also includes Vincent D'OnofrioSharon Stone, and former New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon. (TV Guide review]) -Liam Mathews

Enola Holmes
Stranger ThingsMillie Bobby Brown stars as Sherlock's kid sister in this adaptation of Nancy Springer's lighthearted mystery series. Sherlock (played here by Superman/Geralt Henry Cavill) isn't the only sleuth in the Holmes family anymore, as Enola tries to solve the mystery of her missing mother (Helena Bonham Carter), against her disapproving big brother's wishes. The script was written by Jack Thorne, the impossibly prolific writer who wrote the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and has nine credits on IMDb in 2019 and 2020 alone. -Liam Mathews (Trailer / TV Guide review / Wednesday, Sept. 23)

The Chef Show, Season 2 Volume 1
In this easy-going appreciation of food, Jon Favreau (the movie guy not the political guy) hangs out in the kitchen with his chef pal Roy Choi to talk about food like two normal people instead of condescending chefs in other culinary shows. This season alone is worth watching to see Milk Bar's Christina Tosi show you how to make her famous Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies, which may just be the best damn cookie in the entire world, but Roy and Jon also chat with the fellas from San Francisco's Tartine Bakery (yum!) and recreate Holman and Finch's late-night burger (double yum!). (Trailer / Thursday, Sept. 24)

The Best New Shows to Watch This Fall

Everything Else

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, Season 1
Probably not a good idea would be to host a summer camp for teens inside of a theme park where hundreds of innocent park-goers were torn to shreds by monstrosities created by science against the will of God, but that's what happens in Camp Cretaceous! This CGI animated series is the first Jurassic Park-affiliated TV show to air, and it's a family-friendly affair aimed at a tween audience, meaning it can be a little scary for young ones with the dinosaurs and all, and also scary for parents, particularly with the inclusion of a YouTube influencer as one of the main characters. 

American Barbecue Showdown, Season 1
The British have their soothing bake-offs with doilies and fluffy buttercream, America has raw meat and fire. This new cooking competition aptly takes the tone of its cuisine, pitting larger-than-life pitmasters against each other in a contest to see who can cook the best 'cue. Wear a bib. (Trailer

Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare
A pair of sisters or cousins (depending on who you believe; the trailer says sisters, the official description says cousins) in New Delhi go through ups and downs in life and love while sharing a secret between them in this Indian film. What is the secret? If I knew, it wouldn't be a secret. (Trailer)

Whipped (Bucin)
Indonesia can do violent, gory action films, but can it do goofy, bro rom-coms? Four young men seek the help of a love guru, who happens to be smokin' hot, to solve their love problems, but I have a feeling their shenanigans will only lead to more love problems. (Trailer)

A Love Song for Latasha
A surreal, dreamlike, gorgeous, and emotional documentary reflecting on the hopes and dreams of Latasha Harlins, whose shooting death sparked the 1992 Los Angeles riots. (Trailer / Monday, Sept. 21)

Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt, Season 3
Yo! This monkey has a tool belt! Hey monkey, fix my leaky kitchen faucet. (Trailer / Tuesday, Sept. 22)

The Best New TV Shows of 2020 to Binge-Watch

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father, Season 4
British comedian Jack Whitehall once again subjects his elderly and irascible father to vacations and day-trips to places he didn't ask to be taken to in this comedy travel series. This season, they're going to Australia. (Trailer / Tuesday, Sept. 22)

Mighty Express, Season 1
What if Paw Patrol but trains? (Trailer / Tuesday, Sept. 22)

The Playbook: A Coach's Rules for Life, Season 1
Athletes get all the attention because of their dazzling ability to perform at the top of their game and do things no mortal human can do, but how about the coaches who write the lineup cards, know when to call a timeout at the right time, and bestow their philosophy on impressionable young minds? Don't they deserve their own docuseries? No? Well, they got one anyway. (Trailer / Tuesday, Sept. 22)

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Cheer, Tiger King, and Never Have I Ever

Cheer, Tiger King, and Never Have I Ever

Netflix/Getty Images