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Barbara's picked her fair share of questionable folks (Kate Gosselin, Monica Lewinsky, Geri Halliwell?!), but when the list was announced for this year's 10 Most Fascinating People, we wondered if Walters, at the ripe old age of 82, had officially jumped the shark.

We decided to give Babs the benefit of the doubt and tuned in to see if the annual special proved that Pippa Middleton and The Kardashians (among others) were 10 Most Fascinating People-worthy. 

Our findings:

Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Fun Fact: As a child, Stonestreet grew up on a farm, played football, and loved performing as a clown named 'Fizbo.'Memorable Quote: "Even just recently, [my father] asked me if I had a girlfriend and I had to say 'Dad, no, I don't.'" — Jesse Tyler Ferguson (who is openly gay)
Fascinating Factor (on a scale of 1 — 10, 10 being most fascinating): 6. Their adorably close relationship outside of the show, and unlikely roads to stardom, were unexpected.

Simon Cowell
Fun Fact: Simon dropped out of high school and started his own music label by 20. His first big hit? "Ruff Mix," which featured dogs barking to dance music.
Memorable Quote: (On Paula Abdul) "We didn't like each other in the beginning. I think it was sexual tension. On her part. I considered it...but then I thought, 'I don't think the after would be as good as the before.'"
Fascinating Factor: 7. He's so quirky it's borderline OCD. His interview left me wanting to know more.

The Kardashians
Fun Fact
: The sisters identified Kourtney as the most book-smart, Khloe the most street-smart, and Kim the most conceited.
Memorable Quote: "None of us think we have talents." —Khloe Kardashian
Fascinating Factor: 4. No new discoveries here since privacy is not a part of this family's philosophy.

Herman Cain
Fun Fact: If he had his choice of any cabinet position, Cain would choose the Department of Defense, because he wants to influence the rebuilding of the country's military.
Memorable Quote: "I happen to believe that the Democrats did not want an accomplished, articulate, optimistic black man to face President Obama. I can't prove that, Barbara. But I do believe that."
Fascinating Factor: 2. Snoozefest. I think I fell asleep through the overwhelming majority of this conversation.

Katy Perry
Fun Fact
: The daughter of strict evangelical pastors, Perry wasn't allowed to celebrate Halloween, listen to music other than Gospel, or read books other than the Bible.
Memorable Quote: "I did this Jesus tattoo when I was 18 years old. Legally. I did it because no matter how much I do change, I always want to know where my roots began."
Fascinating Factor: 3. The chick that's famous for breaking out with "I Kissed a Girl (And I Liked It)" was raised in a strict household... and we've been reading about that ever since she released "I Kissed a Girl."

Derek Jeter
Fun Fact
: He was drafted by the Yankees right out of high school, but Jeter ended up being stuck in the minor leagues for four years.
Memorable Quote: "In my mind, if you don't win, it's a failure."
Fascinating Factor: 4. Had he actually opened up about his love life, he probably would have been more fascinating, or at least interesting.

Donald Trump
Fun Fact: He let Barbara touch (and tug at) his hair. And it's definitely not a hairpiece.
Memorable Quote: "We're $15 trillion in debt. We borrow from the Chinese. We're not a great country anymore. But there are millions of people that want my opinion. And I think that's fine."
Fascinating Factor: 5. Trump is so overexposed, there weren't any surprises. Would have been interesting to hear more about his upbringing.

Amanda Knox*
Pippa Middleton*

Steve Jobs (The Most Fascinating Person of 2011)
Fun Fact: Rules indicate that the most fascinating person of the year must still be living, but it was decided that Steve Jobs was so deserving of the title, they gave it to him anyway.
Memorable Quote: "He wanted things that were insanely great and would take, or accept, nothing less than that." --Disney CEO Bob Iger
Fascinating Factor: 10. The entire 90-minutes could have easily been dedicated to Jobs. Everything about the legendary Apple co-founder resonates with the word "fascinating."

*There were no interviews done here, so they can't really be judged fairly.

What did you think of the list?