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The Fall Guy Season 5 Episodes

22 Episodes 1985 - 1986

Episode 1

Dead Ringer

Thu, Sep 26, 1985 60 mins

An ex-con is being blackmailed into forging a new will for a man's "sickly" uncle. Nedra Volz is introduced as Pearl Sperling. Lee Majors, Doug Barr. Hanzer: Alex Kubik. Sidley: Steven Keats. Powell: Greg Mullavey. Mickey Gilley: Himself.

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Episode 2

King of the Stuntmen

Thu, Oct 3, 1985 60 mins

Colt's former friend (Geoffrey Lewis), now a rival, is his chief competition in a King of the Stuntmen contest. Lee Majors, Heather Thomas. Annie: Teri Austin. Emcee: Ted Dawson. Marinak: Peter Breck.

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Episode 3

Femme Fatale

Thu, Oct 10, 1985 60 mins

Howie goes undercover as a female impersonator to protect a witness who's hiding from a killer. Doug Barr, Lee Majors. Dorning: Judd Omen. Mullens: Alan Fudge. Rhonda: Stacey Nelkin. Savenik: Wolf Muser.

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Episode 4

A Fistful of Lire

Thu, Oct 17, 1985 60 mins

Colt runs interference for Italian villagers who want his protection from gangsters while the villagers search for church relics hidden by the Nazis during WWII. Doug Barr. Olivia: Clare Kirkconnell. Brazzi: Robert Desiderio. Marcello: James Luisi.

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Episode 5

The Life of Riley

Sat, Nov 30, 1985 60 mins

Colt's efforts to help a bail jumper find his daughter are thwarted when the man they suspect of kidnapping her is released for lack of evidence. Lee Majors, Doug Barr. Rusty: Charles Boswell. Trenton: Stanley Kamel. Andy: Dennis Pratt.

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Episode 6

October the Thirty-Second

Sat, Dec 7, 1985 60 mins

Colt and a movie-company crew are trapped at an English estate that is being stalked by an escapee from a home for the criminally insane. Lee Majors, Doug Barr. Elvira: Cassandra Peterson. Hildebrande: Tony Steedman. Arnold: Vincent Schiavelli.

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Episode 7

Seavers: Dead or Alive

Sat, Dec 14, 1985 60 mins

Colt jumps bail after being framed for heroin possession---and to make matters worse, a bounty-hunting rival is on his trail. Heather Thomas. Verrick: Bo Svenson. Nancy: Suzanne Barnes. Sloan: William Prince. Pearl: Nedra Volz.

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Episode 8

Escape Claus

Sat, Dec 21, 1985 60 mins

A bail jumper working at a financially troubled orphanage---who believes he's Santa Claus---finds a locker containing $2 million worth of stolen bonds. Lee Majors, Doug Barr. Trench: Robert Donner. Jeanne: Lynn Whitfield. Leon: Hakeem.

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Episode 9

No Rms., Ocean Vu.

Sat, Jan 4, 1986 60 mins

Colt is stranded on a deserted island with a snobby socialite who's being chased by thugs. Doug Barr, Heather Thomas. Terrell: Christopher Neame. Dale: Mike Moroff.

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Episode 10

Miami's Nice

Fri, Jan 10, 1986 60 mins

A rogue Federal agent traps Colt into helping him set up the biggest cocaine supplier on the East Coast. Lee Majors, Heather Thomas. Rogers: Terry Kiser. Duncan: Frank Annese. R.Q.: Lee Ryan. Glass: Robert Gray.

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Episode 11


Fri, Jan 17, 1986 60 mins

Colt's classmate arranges to have a jewel shipment stolen to collect the insurance, but the plan backfires and his cohorts get greedy. Lee Majors, Heather Thomas. Laura: Sherry Rooney. Taylor: James Sloyan. Talbot: Bo Hopkins. Reese: Dana Gladstone.

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Episode 12

Trial by Fire

Fri, Jan 24, 1986 60 mins

In Bangkok, Colt is approached by a man he knew in Vietnam who wants to go after a buddy who was recently seen in a Cambodian prison camp. Lee Majors, Doug Barr. Jeremy Wolf: Dennis Haysbert. Billy Lok: Clyde Kusatsu. Doctor Tom: Michael Greene.

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Episode 13

In His Shadow

Fri, Jan 31, 1986 60 mins

Colt meets the son he never knew he had, who's now in danger of falling in with car thieves. Dustin: Lee Majors II. Howie: Doug Barr. Tauber: Ben Marley. Lt. Joe Budd: Kene Holliday. Mr. O: Castulo Guerra. Griff: Jeffrey Josephson.

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Episode 14

Lucky Stiff

Fri, Feb 7, 1986 60 mins

A loser who arranged to have himself killed so his wife could collect insurance can't buy out of the contract after winning a lottery. Lee Majors, Doug Barr. Watson: Robert Fuller. Sandra: Rebecca Balding. Maguire: Arthur Burghardt. Zabo: Brian Libby.

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Episode 15

Beach Blanket Bounty

Fri, Feb 21, 1986 60 mins

Colt enlists the aid of a rock band (played by members of Sha Na Na) to capture an industrial spy (Grant Aleksander). Lee Majors, Heather Thomas. Pat Boone: Himself. Quinn: Paul Mantee. Dora: Dora Pearson. Howie: Doug Barr.

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Episode 16

The Last Chance Platoon

Fri, Feb 28, 1986 60 mins

Colt becomes a drill instructor when an Army buddy drafts him to help conduct an investigation of stolen equipment. Lee Majors, Doug Barr. Malone: Leslie Jordan. Burgess: Jeff Pomerantz. Sinclair: Steve Jamieson. Slatkin: Jim Greenleaf.

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Episode 17

The Lady in Green

Fri, Feb 28, 1986 60 mins

An old movie crimebuster claims he witnessed a murder, and when nobody believes him he collars his old sidekick and loyal fan Howie, and tries to nail the killers himself. Doug Barr, Lee Majors. Linney: Lloyd Bochner.

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Episode 18

I Now Pronounce You Dead

Fri, Mar 7, 1986 60 mins

Colt must chase down a polygamist (George Wyner) who's left a trail of wives and "creditors." Lee Majors, Heather Thomas. Pearl: Nedra Volz. Cathy: Suzanne Marshall. Joy: Ava Lazar.

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Episode 19

Two on a Skip

Fri, Mar 21, 1986 60 mins

Colt relieves a bounty hunter who's run up a tab trying to nail a bail jumper involved in gunrunning. Lee Majors, Doug Barr. Eli: Willard Pugh. Dalia: Marilyn McCoo. Trench: Robert Donner.

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Episode 20

Tag Team

Fri, Apr 4, 1986 60 mins

Colt wins the contracts of two pro wrestlers in a poker game, and uses them when he goes after a counterfeiter who's also protected by heavyweights. Lee Majors, Heather Thomas. Johnson: Jerry Potter. Half-Dome: Jay S. York.

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Episode 21

War on Wheels

Fri, Apr 11, 1986 60 mins

Bikers trap Colt, Howie and Jody in a deserted town soon to be turned into a reservoir and demand the release of their compadre. Lee Majors, Heather Thomas, Doug Barr. Travers: Keenan Wynn. Jake: Sonny Landham. Chris: Jeannetta Arnette.

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Episode 22

The Bigger They Are

Fri, May 2, 1986 60 mins

A cop asks Colt to help him get evidence on a nightclub owner who's suspected of dealing PCP to kids. Lee Majors, Doug Barr. Phil: Jon Matthews. Bobby Lee: Marc Alaimo. Freddie: Billy Drago. Liz: Leigh Christian.

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