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My Wife and Kids Season 3 Episodes

27 Episodes 2002 - 2003

Episode 1

The Kyles Go to Hawaii

Wed, Sep 25, 2002 30 mins

Part 1 of three. The Kyles go to Hawaii for a family vacation, although Michael would prefer it to be a second honeymoon. But Jay has "a full itinerary" planned, and it doesn't include honeymoon activities. At least he's bumped up to first class on the flight out, and he's surrounded by lingerie models. Leilani: Reesy. Coach Flight Attendant: Myra Turley. First Class Flight Attendant: Lise Simms. Veronica: Nicole Scherzinger. Hunter: Tyson Bickford.

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Episode 2

The Kyles Go to Hawaii

Wed, Sep 25, 2002 30 mins

Part 2 of three. The kids revolt at Jay's Hawaiian "itinerary," so it's back to the beach, where Michael happens to be girl-watching (joined by a fellow onlooker played by comic Dom Irrera). But when he sees Claire in a skimpy bikini, he's not exactly ogling. Meanwhile, Jr. has donned his "tropical seduction suit," and it seems to be working on a girl named Leilani (Reesy). Of course, he also tells her that his dad is Denzel Washington. Veronica: Nicole Scherzinger. Hunter: Tyson Beckford.

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Episode 3

The Kyles Go to Hawaii

Wed, Oct 2, 2002 30 mins

The Kyles' relaxing Hawaiian vacation concludes in a rush: Jay misreads the time on the plane tickets and there's no time to pack. That presents a particular problem for Claire, who bought so many clothes and charged them to their room. Michael won't like that when he gets the bill. Meanwhile, Jr. doesn't want to leave because he's in love with Leilani (Reesy), and Kady won't leave without her doll Pippy, which she buried on the beach. Rachel: Liliana Mumy.

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Episode 4

Samba Story

Wed, Oct 9, 2002 30 mins

Jay's getting tired of the same-old same-old on her nights out with Michael, so she browbeats him into taking samba lessons. Making matters worse for him, the instructor---Mr. Roccocco (Jordi Caballero)---is a little friendlier to Jay than he would like. Meanwhile, Claire makes the cheerleading team, and Jr. wants to add his name to the "Guinness Book of World Records."

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Episode 5

Diary of a Mad Teen

Wed, Oct 16, 2002 30 mins

While making Claire's bed, Jay finds her diary. Of course she reads it, and that leads to a mother-daughter talk about sex. Meanwhile, Jr. takes an unofficial driving test when he takes Michael to an eye-doctor appointment. And all Kady wants to do is play hide-and-seek. Dr. Phil Ling: Gedde Watanabe.

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Episode 6

Claire's New Boyfriend

Wed, Oct 23, 2002 30 mins

Michael decides he likes Claire's straitlaced boyfriend, Tony (Andrew McFarlane), so naturally Claire dumps him for a hip-hop swaggerer (Donnell Barrett) who calls himself 1040 EZ ("'Cause I be taxin' my women"). Michael is anything but pleased. Nor is Jay pleased when she sees the portrait of her that Jr. has drawn. Claire: Jennifer Freeman.

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Episode 7

Crouching Mother, Hidden Father

Wed, Oct 30, 2002 30 mins

Tennis star Serena Williams guests as a teacher in an episode in which Jay volunteers to direct Kady's kindergarten-class play ("Romeo and Juliet"), and volunteers Michael to help her. But Jay, who has a very competitive side, doesn't want anyone to stand in the way of her "vision." And she treats her charges as though they were army recruits and she was a drill sergeant. Devon: Philip Daniel Bolden. Rachel: Liliana Mumy. Kady: Parker McKenna Posey.

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Episode 8

Fighting Kyles

Wed, Nov 6, 2002 30 mins

Claire and Jr. are continually fighting, to the annoyance of Jay and Michael, who decide to give them "a taste of their own medicine." They'll pretend to fight with each other. "If we can't beat them---and the law says we can't--- the only thing left to do is join them," Michael says.

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Episode 9

Sister Story

Wed, Nov 13, 2002 30 mins

Michael's younger sister, Kelly (Vivica A. Fox), drops in for an unexpected visit. Trouble is, Jay can't stand her, and Kelly does nothing during her stay to change Jay's mind. Jay: Tisha Campbell-Martin. Michael: Damon Wayans. Jr. George O. Gore II. Claire: Jennifer Freeman. Kady: Parker McKenna Posey.

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Episode 10

Jr.'s Dating Dilemma

Wed, Nov 20, 2002 30 mins

Jr.'s awkward around girls, so Michael coaches him in the manly art of attracting women. He learns his lesson only too well. Meanwhile, Jay's mad at Michael because she dreamt that he had been fooling around with Janet Jackson. Amber: Claudette Ortiz. Jr. George O. Gore II. Jay: Tisha Campbell-Martin. Claire: Jennifer Freeman. Michael: Damon Wayans.

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Episode 11

Jay the Artist

Wed, Nov 27, 2002 30 mins

Steve Harvey guest stars in an episode in which Michael encourages Jay and the kids to tap their creative juices. Jay decides to paint, Claire to design clothes and Kady to play the piano. Meanwhile, Michael renews acquaintances with his old friend Steve (Harvey), who has recently divorced and is playing the field. One of his dates owns an art gallery, where Jay's painting ends up.

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Episode 12

Chair Man of the Board

Wed, Dec 4, 2002 30 mins

Mos Def guests as Michael's old friend Tommy, who arrives for a visit with a surprise: he's in a wheelchair after having fallen from his roof while painting. Michael has difficulty accepting his friend's disability, and that annoys the very-competitive Tommy no end. Meanwhile, Claire doesn't want to take Kady with her when she goes to the mall, but her parents insist.

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My Wife and Kids, Season 3 Episode 12 image

Episode 13

Open Your Heart

Wed, Dec 11, 2002 30 mins

Michael and Jay attend a couples seminar, where they discover that their "fantastic" relationship isn't exactly that. Meanwhile, two of Jr.'s friends (Damon Wayans Jr., Michael Wayans) discover a way to use Claire's clothing-store job to make money for themselves.

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My Wife and Kids, Season 3 Episode 13 image

Episode 14

Michael's Tribe

Wed, Jan 8, 2003 30 mins

Michael (aka: Chief Bald Eagle) is recruited to camp out with Kady and her friends and teach them Native American lore. Meanwhile, Clare and "the new Tony" (Andrew McFarlane) plan to stay out all night themselves: they're plotting to sneak out to a "rave." Rachel: Liliana Mumy. Charlotte: Gabby Soleil.

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Episode 15


Wed, Jan 22, 2003 30 mins

Michael, bemoaning the lack of quality time the Kyles spend with each other, decides to spend some time with the kids, whether they like it or not. Claire and Jr. don't, and Kady agrees only to watch the movie "The Little Mermaid" with him. Michael switches it with "Gremlins," and that scares her. So does the power failure that soon follows (she thinks the two are related). But it least the blackout brings the Kyles together.

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Episode 16

Man of the Year

Wed, Jan 29, 2003 30 mins

Jay nominates Michael for the "Small Businessman of the Year" award and he assumes he's going to win it (especially after a golfing buddy on the organization's board tells him: "If my vote were the only one that counted, you'd be a shoo-in"). Meanwhile, Claire helps herself to items from Jay's makeup bag once too often.

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Episode 17

Jr.'s Risky Business

Wed, Feb 5, 2003 30 mins

Part 1 of two. Jr. has a new girlfriend (Meagan Good) and Michael thinks she's quite a prize. But Jay has her doubts. Meanwhile, Kady has a gentleman caller, a budding piano prodigy named Franklin (Noah Gray-Cabey). Jr.: George O. Gore II.

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Episode 18

Jr.'s Risky Business

Wed, Feb 12, 2003 30 mins

Conclusion: Michael throws Jr. out of the house after he and Jay find their son in their bed with his girlfriend (Meagan Good). Jay disagrees---strenuously---about the punishment, and the Kyle household is not a happy one. As for Jr., he has been banished to a tent in the backyard. Franklin: Noah Gray-Cabey.

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Episode 19

Jury Duty

Wed, Feb 26, 2003 30 mins

Michael and Jay are both called for jury duty and wind up on the same case. It's "open and shut," Michael declares. Jay demurs, not surprisingly. And she suspects Michael's motives because she knows he wants to get home to watch a "Godfather" marathon on TV. Thug: Steve Schirripa. Blue-Collar Guy: Brent Sexton. Judge: Thom Gossom Jr. Prosecutor: Maggie Rowe. R.J.: DeRay Davis. Todd: Allen Todd Lynn. Brian: Brian Holtzman.

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My Wife and Kids, Season 3 Episode 19 image

Episode 20

Here Come Da Judge

Wed, Mar 5, 2003 30 mins

Claire and Jr. have been fighting all their lives, but when both claim to have found a wallet with $500 (and no I.D.) in it, it's time for "family court," the honorable ("and very handsome") Judge Michael Kyle presiding. Jay agrees to serve as Claire's lawyer while Kady's genius boyfriend Franklin (Noah Gray-Cabey) argues for Jr. Meanwhile, Claire decides to become a vegetarian, prompted by her boyfriend, Tony (Andrew McFarlane), who has begun to fast. And Michael volunteers to teach Kady to ride a bicycle. Vanessa: Meagan Good.

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Episode 21

Claire's Permit

Wed, Mar 26, 2003 30 mins

Claire (Jennifer Freeman) gets her learner's permit, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Michael will permit her to drive. But he does relent and takes her out for a driving lesson. It doesn't go well. ("Michael: "What's the first thing you do when you get into the car?" Claire: "Find a good radio station.") Meanwhile, Kady and Franklin (Noah Gray-Cabey) announce their engagement.

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Episode 22

Sharon's Picture

Wed, Apr 9, 2003 30 mins

Franklin's little sister, Aretha (Jamia Simone Nash), is a terrific singer, but he doesn't exactly brag about her. Meanwhile, Jay finds a photo of Michael's former girlfriend among his memorabilia. Why, she wonders, has he saved it? Actually, "wonders" doesn't adequately describe her reaction. "We have a crisis in our marriage," she fumes. Franklin: Noah Gray-Cabey.

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Episode 23

Tee for Too Many

Wed, Apr 30, 2003 30 mins

Jay decides she wants to share Michael's golf experience. She doesn't want to play---just follow him around the course. Meanwhile, Jr. decides he wants to go to college (because Vanessa's going), but he's stuck on the college-application essay. So he asks Franklin (Noah Gray-Cabey) for help.

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Episode 24

The Big Bang Theory

Wed, May 7, 2003 30 mins

Claire and Tony (Andrew McFarlane) announce that they are going to have sex to Michael and Jay, who react as expected. But after calming down they strategize on how to stop the impending tryst. "We'll scare the pants off them," Michael tells Jay, "Well, not the pants." Meanwhile, Jr. gets Kady to think that she made him sick, so she's at his beck and call. But Franklin (Noah Gray-Cabey) smells a rat.

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Episode 25

Not So Hostile Takeover

Wed, May 14, 2003 30 mins

Claire has been asked to the senior prom, but Michael won't let her go. Their compromise: Michael and Jay will chaperone. Suffice it to say that Jay thinks more of the plan than Claire does (or than Michael does, at first). Meanwhile, Jr's rehabbing an old car and he wants Michael to pay for it. Michael agrees, but that isn't necessarily good news for Jr. Donovan: Roshawn Franklin.

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My Wife and Kids, Season 3 Episode 25 image

Episode 26


Wed, May 21, 2003 30 mins

Part 1 of 2: Jr.'s high-school graduation is approaching and he drops a bombshell: He wants to go to college. Perhaps not surprisingly, it's the same one that his girlfriend Vanessa (Meagan Good) plans to attend. Trouble is, it's hard to get into, but Michael thinks he knows how to deal with that. Meanwhile, Claire and Kady can't wait to get rid of their older brother, and neither can Franklin (Noah Gray-Cabey).

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Episode 27


Wed, May 21, 2003 30 mins

Conclusion. Michael and Jay take a dim view of Jr. and Vanessa's plan to marry after graduation from high school, and push for him to take a trip to Japan without her. Meanwhile (and curiously), both Claire and Kady come to realize that they would miss Jr. if he were to leave. Vanessa: Meagan Good. Franklin: Noah Gray-Cabey.

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