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Hawaiian Eye Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 Episode Guide

39 Episodes 1961 - 1962

Episode 1

Satan City

Wed, Sep 27, 1961 60 mins

A woman author's sensational first novel was a great success---but someone is determined to prevent future publications. Hilda: Virginia Gregg. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Cathy: Anne Whitfield. Hoyt: Arthur Franz. Flood: Robert Ellenstein. Kim: Poncie Ponce.

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Episode 2

The Kupua of Coconut Bay

Wed, Oct 4, 1961 60 mins

Developers use a sea monster scam.

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Episode 3

The Moon of Mindanao

Wed, Oct 11, 1961 60 mins

Steele (Anthony Eisley) is sent to Manila to buy a rare pearl, but the agent who was to meet him has been murdered. Alicia: Diana Millay. Peters: Myron Healey. Captain: Russ Conway. Mrs. Pettibone: Lillian Culver. Agaton: Aki Aleong. Lopaka: Robert Conrad.

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Episode 4

The Doctor's Lady

Wed, Oct 18, 1961 60 mins

Greg MacKenzie (Grant Williams) uncovers a strange gambling game while trying to clear a doctor's widow suspected of murder. Barbara: Dorothy Green. Laura: Lisa Gaye. Kim: Poncie Ponce. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Ingalls: Alan Baxter.

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Episode 5

Thomas Jefferson Chu

Wed, Oct 25, 1961 60 mins

A self-appointed agent for Nationalist China helps Lopaka probe the disappearance of top-secret defense materials. Chu: George Takei. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Ling: Weaver Lee. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Lisa: Frances Fong. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Chang: James Hong. Walker: Robert Foulk.

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Episode 6

Pill in a Box

Wed, Nov 1, 1961 60 mins

Ted Brown (Char1es Bateman) takes his jury duty seriously: his wife will be killed unless he votes for acquittal in a murder trial. Maxine: Merry Anders. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Coyle: Richard Benedict. Wheaton: Robert Clarke. MacKenzie: Grant Williams.

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Episode 7

Kill a Grey Fox

Wed, Nov 8, 1961 60 mins

Playboy Reed Olander Jr. (Robert Colbert) hires a noted lawyer to defend him on a murder charge---and the lawyer hires MacKenzie to prove Olander guilty. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Carlton: David White. Jill: Jo Morrow. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Nora: Eve Brent.

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Episode 8

Point Zero

Wed, Nov 15, 1961 60 mins

Cricket is the victim in an absurd kidnapping: the abductors keep sending clues to Lopaka so he can rescue her. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Carl: Richard Carlyle. McKay: Chad Everett. Elsa: Alana Ladd. Engeloff: Victor Buono. Mrs. Royerton: Beatrice Kay. Moro: Joseph Ruskin.

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Episode 9

The Queen from Kern County

Wed, Nov 22, 1961 60 mins

A California beauty contestant shows up in Hawaii, and her managers plan surprises for her.

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Episode 10

The Final Score

Wed, Nov 29, 1961 60 mins

Steele tries to expose a real-estate con game---and debunk the rumor that Mauna Loa volcano is going to erupt. Breckenridge: Jerome Cowan. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Marsha: Marie Windsor. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Granger: Kyle Thompson.

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Episode 11

Two for the Money

Wed, Dec 6, 1961 60 mins

Hired to find a millionaire's long-lost daughter, MacKenzie comes up with two girls---each one claiming to be the real Margaret Hammond. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Margaret: Pat Michon. Peggy: Mary Tyler Moore. Hammond: Oliver McGowan. Harriet: Irene Hervey.

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Episode 12


Wed, Dec 13, 1961 60 mins

A Samoan girl has an original Robert Louis Stevenson manuscript she hopes to sell---until someone steals it. Lita: Susan Silo. Windsor: Lawrence Dobkin. Pilgrim: Ronald Long. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Cricket: Connie Stevens.

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Episode 13

The Classic Cab

Wed, Dec 20, 1961 60 mins

Kim buys an old limousine, unwittingly taking on gangsters who have been after the car---and $300,000---for years. Kim: Poncie Ponce. Julia: Kathleen Crowley. Woodruff: Tris Coffin. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Hollis: John Day. Lopaka: Robert Conrad.

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Episode 14

Concert in Hawaii

Wed, Dec 27, 1961 60 mins

A teen-age pianist hires MacKenzie to keep his family away from him during rehearsals. Harrington: David Macklin. Clifford: Jack Cassidy. Rosa: Faith Domergue. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Cricket: Connie Stevens.

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Episode 15

The Missile Rogues

Wed, Jan 3, 1962 60 mins

Lopaka tries to expose a sinister foreign agent who is impersonating a physicist involved in top-secret work. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Bilson: Warren Stevens. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Miklos: Vladimir Sokoloff. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Kim: Poncie Ponce.

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Episode 16

Little Miss Rich Witch

Wed, Jan 10, 1962 60 mins

A heiress plans a jewel theft---for kicks. Mimi: Janet Lake. Simon: Robert Colbert. Page: Charles Lane. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Kim: Poncie Ponce. Quon: Mel Prestidge.

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Episode 17

Big Fever

Wed, Jan 17, 1962 60 mins

Greg (Grant Williams) tries to help a college professor who lucked out in a poker game---by winning over $100,000! Allen: Tom Drake. Jean: Andrea King. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Carol: Mikki Jameson. Meade: John Archer.

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Episode 18

Year of Grace

Wed, Jan 24, 1962 60 mins

Lopaka (Robert Conrad) gets mixed up in the squabbles of the Middle East while chasing a kidnapped princess who has eloped with her lover. Suvi: Lisa Gaye. Soriano: Nico Minardos. McMurtie: Patric Knowles. Zara: Paula Raymond. Steele: Anthony Eisley.

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Episode 19

My Love, But Lightly

Wed, Jan 31, 1962 60 mins

A French singer who jilted Tracy years before visits Hawaii, rekindling an old flame and causing a murder. Daniele: Ziva Rodann. Viner: John van Dreelen. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Coco: Jeanne Cooper.

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Episode 20

Cricket's Millionaire

Wed, Feb 7, 1962 60 mins

A predatory publicity man schemes up a courtship for Cricket---with a masquerading criminal. Weston: James Cresson. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Kim: Poncie Ponce. Allison: Anne Whitfield. Felton: Peter Leeds.

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Episode 21

Four-Cornered Triangle

Wed, Feb 14, 1962 60 mins

An apartment manager refuses a prospective tenant because he bested him in a romantic contest. Brand: Chad Everett. Haswell: Berry Kroeger. Julia: Peggy McCay. Steele: Anthony Eisley. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Kathy: Leslie Parrish. Cook: Robert S. Carson. Cricket: Connie Stevens.

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Episode 22

Total Eclipse

Wed, Feb 21, 1962 60 mins

Someone disagrees with the verdict of Jean Morgan's murder trial---and he has an ugly way of showing it. Jean: Kathryn Hays. Loring: Whit Bissell. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Dulaine: Sherwood Price. Morgan: Jack Nicholson.

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Episode 23

Blackmail in Satin

Wed, Feb 28, 1962 60 mins

Greg poses as a magazine writer to investigate a house guest who wants $250,000 from his hostess. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Marsha: Susan Seaforth. Woodruff: Bob Hogan.

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Episode 24

A Scent of Whales

Wed, Mar 7, 1962 60 mins

Listening in on Kim's taxi radio, Lopaka hears Kim (Poncie Ponce) and his passenger being forced to "take a ride"---at gunpoint. Joan: Sherry Jackson. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Moke: Doug Mossman. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Cricket: Connie Stevens.

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Episode 25

A Likely Story

Wed, Mar 14, 1962 60 mins

Tracy Steele tries to protect Arnel Wade (Dorothy Provine) from a prowler---and ends up facing an axe-wielding maniac. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Owen: Robert Brubaker. Kikane: Weaver Lee. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Quon: Mel Prestidge. Wade: Fred Beir.

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Episode 26

The Meeting on Molokai

Wed, Mar 21, 1962 60 mins

Oilman Jed Sutton (Neil Hamilton) arrives in Honolulu to close an important merger---and is promptly shot at. Lucy: Dorothy Green. Dorothy: Mala Powers. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Kim: Poncie Ponce. Cricket: Connie Stevens.

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Episode 27


Wed, Mar 28, 1962 60 mins

Lopaka (Robert Conrad) tries to help an old friend, a hard-hitting prosecuting attorney accused of accepting bribes. Kuno: Paul Mantee. Tia: Barbara Luna. Barbara: Fay Spain. Briggs: Donald Barry. Kim: Poncie Ponce. Ralston: Casey Adams.

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Episode 28

An Echo of Honor

Wed, Apr 4, 1962 60 mins

A series of jewelry thefts at the hotel leads to murder. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Eleanor: June Vincent. Carolyn: Dawn Wells. Austin: Roy Roberts. Comber: Paul Dubov. Kirby: Philip Reed.

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Episode 29

Nightmare in Paradise

Wed, Apr 11, 1962 60 mins

A driver is killed by a shotgun blast.

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Episode 30

Aloha, Cricket

Wed, Apr 18, 1962 60 mins

Helping to uncover a smuggling ring, Cricket poses as a "greeter" at the airport---and gets involved with a psychopathic killer. Martins: Peter Breck. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Kina: Tita Marsell. Richards: Nelson Olmsted.

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Episode 31

The Last Samurai

Wed, Apr 25, 1962 60 mins

Cricket's eagerness to accept presents may prove fatal: Mitchell Lloyd's gift marks her as a sacrificial victim. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Lloyd: David White. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Charles Lloyd: Evan McCord.

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Episode 32

Rx Cricket

Wed, May 2, 1962 60 mins

Cricket and her friend are named co-heirs to a large fortune. Then the friend is poisoned---and Cricket is arrested for murder. Kathie: Sharon Hugeny. March: Chad Everett. Anne: Paula Raymond. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Kellogg: Richard Benedict.

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Episode 33

Location Shooting

Wed, May 9, 1962 60 mins

Hired to guard movie star Norman Ayres (Bill Williams), MacKenzie is surrounded by people who soon become prime suspects---in Ayres' murder. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Maggie: Marie Windsor. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Hollis: Ed Nelson. Sue: Joan Staley.

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Episode 34

Across the River Lethe

Wed, May 16, 1962 60 mins

Greg (Grant Williams) enrolls in a dance school to investigate the murder of the school's owner---and to get a framed fisherman off the hook. Porter: Robert Ridgely. Kim: Poncie Ponce. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Junebug: Kathy Bennett. Taggert: Tol Avery.

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Episode 35

Scene of the Crime

Wed, May 23, 1962 60 mins

Lopaka goes on a boar hunt as bodyguard for a pretty writer and uncovers a plot to murder three people---including himself. Gloria: Kaye Elhardt. West: Arch Johnson. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Karyn: Angela Greene. Hansen: H.M. Wynant. West: Phillip Pine.

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Episode 36

Among the Living

Wed, May 30, 1962 60 mins

An aircraft manufacturer's wife asks Tracy to help her husband protect his new invention---and stay away from his sexy secretary. Sharon: Grace Gaynor. Prince: Mike Road. Tracy: Anthony Eisley. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Cricket: Connie Stevens.

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Episode 37

V Is for Victim

Wed, Jun 6, 1962 60 mins

A limerick promising death is sent to eight tourists. MacKenzie agrees to help them---but two murders occur before he has even a clue. Susan: Antoinette Bower. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Felicia: Hope Sansberry. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Brill: Phillip Terry.

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Episode 38

Koko Kate

Wed, Jun 13, 1962 60 mins

Koko Kate (Virginia Gregg) put her son through college by selling hamburgers---but she can't support his pretensions to wealth as a suitor to Cricket. Randall: Chad Everett. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Gloria: Merry Anders. Steele: Anthony Eisley. Kim: Poncie Ponce.

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Episode 39

Lalama Lady

Wed, Jun 20, 1962 60 mins

Arthur Dane schemes with a handsome beachboy (Peter Brown) to blackmail Dane's wealthy wife---so Dane will have enough cash to spend on an expensive beauty. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Tink: Pamela Austin. Dane: Whit Bissell. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Kim: Poncie Ponce.

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