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Hawaiian Eye Season 4 Episodes

Season 4 Episode Guide

24 Episodes 1962 - 1963

Episode 1

Day in the Sun

Tue, Oct 2, 1962 60 mins

Lopaka searches for the murderer of a drive-in operator---but it's Barton's girl friend who reluctantly gives the detectives their clues. Kiki: Marie Windsor. Tina: Elizabeth MacRae. Barton: Troy Donahue. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Olin: James Best.

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Episode 2

Somewhere There's Music

Tue, Oct 9, 1962 60 mins

Three hoodlums steal a cab, run down a pedestrian and take a valuable Stradivarius from violinist Stafford Price (Wesley Addy). Barton: Troy Donahue. Malia: Anna Navarro. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Viotti: John Wengraf. Cricket: Connie Stevens.

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Episode 3

There'll Be Some Changes Made

Tue, Oct 16, 1962 60 mins

Cricket's friend Luana (Tita Marsell) leaves her baby on Cricket's doorstep---to save him from her furious father. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Mathes: Harry Holcombe. Forest: Warren Stevens. Shane: Johnny Seven.

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Episode 4

The Broken Thread

Tue, Oct 23, 1962 60 mins

A tormented widower searches madly for the man who was with his wife when she had a fatal auto accident. Mason: Andrew Duggan. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Florist: Philip Ahn.

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Episode 5

Lament for a Saturday Warrior

Tue, Oct 30, 1962 60 mins

Lopaka's delighted that he added an old pal to the security staff---until a brazen jewel robbery puts them both on the spot. Thompson: Dick Davalos. Adele: Betty Bruce. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Karen: Shary Marshall. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Barker: Steve Ihnat.

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Episode 6

The After Hours Heat

Tue, Nov 13, 1962 60 mins

Phil's cousin comes to Hawaii---and promptly falls in love with a down-and-out writer with ex-wife trouble. Lucy: Peggy McCay. Jason: Mark Miller. Barton: Troy Donahue. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Kim: Poncie Ponce.

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Episode 7

The Sign-Off

Tue, Nov 20, 1962 60 mins

A newscasting team has great success spotlighting a series of crimes---until the wife of one of them is murdered. Lois: Dawn Wells. Sally: Linda Hutchins. Talbot: William Woodson. Baxter: George deWitt. Barton: Troy Donahue. Ted: Chris Robinson. Doreen: Elaine Devry. Kim: Poncie Ponce.

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Episode 8

A Night With Nora Stewart

Tue, Nov 27, 1962 60 mins

When actress Nora Stewart (Dorothy Provine) is disturbed by a prowler, MacKenzie finds that many people oppose her planned comeback. Short: Jerry Paris. Neider: Dan Tobin. Kim: Poncie Ponce. Vera: Connie Gilchrist.

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Episode 9

To See, Perchance to Dream

Tue, Dec 4, 1962 60 mins

Jack Hogan plays Eddie Croft, a racing driver who lost his nerve and is bitter at the world . . . until he meets a blind girl named Kini (Angela Dorian). Barton: Troy Donahue. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Benson: John Carlyle.

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Episode 10

Pursuit of a Lady

Tue, Dec 11, 1962 60 mins

A tennis player is murdered.

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Episode 11

Shannon Malloy

Tue, Dec 18, 1962 60 mins

An anonymous donor picked a charming gift to send to Shannon Malloy (Susan Silo): a half-million dollars worth of pearls. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Mavis: Virginia Gregg. Barton: Troy Donahue. Devlin: Paul Genge. Neal: H.M. Wynant.

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Episode 12

Go Steady With Danger

Tue, Jan 1, 1963 60 mins

Harry Larcombe (Michael Dante) has a habit of romancing women just before their jewelry is stolen. Barton: Troy Donahue. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Suzee: Patricia Woodell. Edith: Jeanette Nolan.

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Episode 13

Kupikio Kid

Tue, Jan 8, 1963 60 mins

Lopaka searches for a young heir (Evan McCord) who ran away from his parents and the family fortune. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Barton: Troy Donahue. Kirk: Simon Scott. Mary: Irene Hervey. Hale: George Petrie.

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Episode 14

Maybe Menehunes

Tue, Jan 15, 1963 60 mins

A former movie star (Diane Foster) is plagued by mysterious phenomena attributed to the local folk gods---and then attempts are made on her life. Marriott: Andrew Duggan. Sunny: Tina Cole. Ellen: Mala Powers. Barton: Troy Donahue. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Lopaka: Robert Conrad.

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Episode 15

Pretty Pigeon

Tue, Jan 22, 1963 60 mins

To protect a flashy heiress (Diane McBain) from a mother-son blackmailing team, Lopaka consults an experienced authority---a woman mystery writer. Susan: Mala Powers. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Olivia: Linda Watkins. Franklin: Douglas Dick. Kim: Poncie Ponce.

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Episode 16

Two Too Many

Tue, Jan 29, 1963 60 mins

Lopaka steps in to cut off the series of nasty anonymous letters that threaten to break up Jeff Richardson's (William Leslie) marriage. Sue: Lisa Lu. Lopaka: Robert Conrad. Barton: Troy Donahue. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Sunny: Tina Cole.

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Episode 17

Boar Hunt

Tue, Feb 5, 1963 60 mins

Barton's attorney-uncle won a murder case for Arlenne Abbot (Lisa Gaye). Now he wants Arlenne herself. Maitland: George Montgomery. Barton: Troy Donahue. Abbot: John Archer. Sunny: Tina Cole. Dana: Joan Marshall. Stewart: Mark Dempsey.

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Episode 18

Go for Baroque

Tue, Feb 12, 1963 60 mins

Prof. Coleman left his map collection to a university, with nothing for his family. So when a rare map is stolen, Lopaka (Robert Conrad) has many suspects. Janet: Joanna Moore. Sunny: Tina Cole. Linda: Jenny Maxwell. Boyd: Russell Johnson.

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Episode 19

The Long Way Home

Tue, Feb 19, 1963 60 mins

When an actress hires Lopaka (Robert Conrad) as a bodyguard for her hot-tempered daughter (Susan Seaforth), the girl protests---by dating a vicious mobster. Merrill: Richard Bakalyan. Quon: Mel Prestidge. Sunny: Tina Cole. Hanley: Richard Benedict.

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Episode 20

Two Million Too Much

Tue, Feb 26, 1963 60 mins

To get money to help his sick wife (Barbara Bain), Don Munroe (Van Williams) gets a drugged Tom (Robert Conrad) to reveal the secret route of an armored truck. Karen: Karen Sharpe. Barton: Troy Donahue. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Howells: Fred Holliday. Sybil: Warrene Ott.

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Episode 21

Blow Low, Blow Blue

Tue, Mar 5, 1963 60 mins

Cricket hears some classic trumpet playing in a seedy bar and stumbles onto a black-listed musician. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Barton: Troy Donahue. Vito: Biff Elliott. Elena: Joan Freeman. Melton: Vinton Hayworth.

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Episode 22

Gift of Love

Tue, Mar 19, 1963 60 mins

Over Cricket's heartfelt objections, her friend Helena (Peggy McCay) moves into a rest home run by Brother Love (Kevin Hagen). Linda: Catherine McLeod. Barton: Troy Donahue. Kim: Poncie Ponce. Cricket: Connie Stevens. Childs: Jim Boles.

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Episode 23

The Sisters

Tue, Mar 26, 1963 60 mins

MacKenzie falls for a woman who avenged the disfigurement of her sister by shooting a man---and who is about to be shot herself. Nora: Myrna Fahey. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Nancy: Maggie Pierce. Marron: Russ Conway. Anna: Sheila Bromley. Piper: Paul Dubov. Gorday: Harry Lauter.

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Episode 24


Tue, Apr 2, 1963 60 mins

Joe Bender (Sheldon Allman) hires MacKenzie to bird-dog an embezzler. Then he decides to act himself---and kidnaps the embezzler's daughter. Alston: Gerald Mohr. MacKenzie: Grant Williams. Nan: Randy Stuart. Sanford: Karl Held. Trudi: Beverly Washburn.

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