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Drexell's Class Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

18 Episodes 1991 - 1992

Episode 1

Otis's Last Day

Thu, Sep 19, 1991 30 mins

Principal Itkin (Randy Graff) is going to evaluate and possibly terminate Drexell (Dabney Coleman). Willie: Jason Biggs. Brenda: Brittany Murphy. Melissa: A.J. Langer. Roscoe: Dakin Matthews. Nicole: Heidi Zeigler.

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Episode 2

Air Drexell

Thu, Sep 26, 1991 30 mins

Otis and Roscoe take their classes' rivalry to court---in basketball---when a hotshot hoopster joins Otis's rowdies. Oscar: Brandon Adams. Mike: Art LaFleur. Drexell: Dabney Coleman. Roscoe: Dakin Matthews.

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Episode 3

Misery Loves Drexell

Thu, Oct 3, 1991 30 mins

A student (Michael Oliver) bonds to Otis (Dabney Coleman) like the son Otis wishes no one ever had. Brenda: Brittany Murphy. Melissa: A.J. Langer. Mrs. Sosko: Mary Pat Gleason. Itkin: Randy Graff.

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Episode 4

Love Walked Right In and Swept Mr. Drexell Away

Thu, Oct 10, 1991 30 mins

Drexell is swept away by a new teacher (Nana Visitor) who gives him the brushoff---and Otis likes that in a woman. Drexell: Dabney Coleman. Mary: Arlene Golonka.

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Episode 5


Thu, Oct 17, 1991 30 mins

A convict Drexell had bad-mouthed gets an early release...and comes looking for him. Drexell: Dabney Coleman. Willie: Jason Biggs. Itkin: Randy Graff. Walker: Matthew Lawrence.

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Episode 6

Viva Lost Wages

Thu, Oct 24, 1991 30 mins

A bus trip to Disneyland entails a stop in Vegas for a flirtation with that capricious lady called Luck. Drexell: Dabney Coleman. Kenny: Damian Cagnolatti. Roscoe: Dakin Matthews. Nicole: Heidi Zeigler. Willie: Jason Biggs.

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Episode 7

Best Halloween Ever

Thu, Oct 31, 1991 30 mins

On Halloween, Drexell regales the class with scary stories, including one about Poe-ish revenge on his daughter's boyfriend (Rawley Valverde). Willie: Jason Biggs. Drexell: Dabney Coleman. Kenny: Damian Cagnolatti.

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Episode 8

Driving Drexell Crazy

Thu, Nov 7, 1991 30 mins

Drexell is driven crazy by his driving-class students (Phil Buckman, Brandon Douglas) who are racing their motors over Melissa (A.J. Langer). Ms. Engelhaupt: Florence Stanley. Dion: Morris Chestnut.

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Episode 9

Down and Out at the Out 'n In

Thu, Nov 14, 1991 30 mins

Drexell quits his job when he comes into money---and has to beg for it back when the IRS takes it all away. Roscoe: Dakin Matthews. Melissa: A.J. Langer. Slash: Phil Buckman. Brenda: Brittany Murphy. Willie: Jason Biggs.

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Episode 10

The Best Thanksgiving Ever

Thu, Nov 21, 1991 30 mins

The stuffing gets knocked out of Drexell's Thanksgiving by a visit from his ex-mother-in-law (Lu Leonard), a wealthy old dreadnought. Brenda: Brittany Murphy. Melissa: A.J. Langer. Slash: Phil Buckman. Drexell: Dabney Coleman.

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Episode 11

Bully for Otis

Thu, Dec 5, 1991 30 mins

Bully for Otis: he takes taekwondo so that he may belt his new love's bullying ex-boyfriend (Mitch Pileggi). Marla: Beth Broderick. Ms. Ridge: Edie McClurg. Kenny: Damian Cagnolatti. Otis: Dabney Coleman.

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Episode 12

Silent Night, Holy Smokes

Thu, Dec 12, 1991 30 mins

Dreaming of a green Christmas, Drexell rents out Santas, but when they hand in their pink slips, he's suddenly in the red---the red suit---filling in for them all. Roger: Michael G. Hagerty.

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Episode 13

My Own Private Iowa

Thu, Jan 16, 1992 30 mins

Drexell can't stomach it when Melissa, fed up with his distrust, moves in with Slash. Timothy: Brandon Douglas. Brenda: Brittany Murphy. George: Cleavant Derricks. Inmate #1: Michael Pniewski.

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Episode 14

Beauty and the Beast

Thu, Jan 23, 1992 30 mins

Drexell drives Melissa to hone her only possible talent for a beauty pageant: smoking a curveball. Steve Garvey has a cameo. Drexell: Dabney Coleman. Janet: Charlotte Ross. Mrs. Sinclair: Melinda Fee.

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Episode 15

Ashes to Ashes

Thu, Feb 6, 1992 30 mins

The passing of a frat brother who lived life to the limit forces Drexell (Dabney Coleman) to take a look at his own. Patty: Mary Jo Catlett. Dr. McGuire: Paul Perri. Balloonist: Raymond O'Connor. George: Cleavant Derricks.

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Episode 16

Till Death Do You Part

Thu, Feb 13, 1992 30 mins

Drexell's ex is unaware her fiance is a mobster. Dabney Coleman.

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Episode 17


Thu, Feb 20, 1992 30 mins

On a cruise, Drexell plays paparazzo to photograph a teen idol. Rap group Digital Underground performs. Minnie: Therese Kablan. Maxi: Melanie Good. Malcolm: Eric Allan Kramer.

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Episode 18

The Resentments

Thu, Mar 5, 1992 30 mins

Drexell goes to the top managing the kids' rock band, but the kids can't handle success. Timothy: Brandon Douglas. Powell: Phil Rubenstein. Janet: Charlotte Ross. Slash: Phil Buckman. Melissa: A.J. Langer.

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