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Benson Season 4 Episodes

22 Episodes 1982 - 1983

Episode 1

Death in a Funny Position

Fri, Oct 22, 1982 30 mins

In the season 4 premiere, the host of a yacht party celebrating the Governor's second inauguration is murdered---and the killer is on board. First of two parts.

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Episode 2

Death in a Funny Position

Fri, Oct 22, 1982 30 mins

Conclusion. The Governor and his staff try to identify the murderer.

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Episode 3

What a Revoltin' Development

Fri, Oct 29, 1982 30 mins

At a conference in Latin America, Benson and Pete are kidnapped by revolutionaries, who figure to exchange them for six US jet fighters.

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Episode 4

Thy Brother's Keeper

Fri, Nov 5, 1982 30 mins

Benson braces himself for a visit with his orthodontist kid brother.

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Episode 5

Quest for Retire

Fri, Nov 12, 1982 30 mins

The mansion's gardener (Danny Thomas) gets his notice of enforced retirement. Robert Guillaume, Inga Swenson, James Noble. Clayton: Rene Auberjonois. Pete: Ethan Phillips. Patty: Judyann Elder.

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Episode 6

Teacher's Pest

Fri, Nov 19, 1982 30 mins

Economics instructor Benson isn't too thrilled to find Kraus in his night class, and even less thrilled when he has to flunk her. Robert Guillaume. Pete: Ethan Phillips. Governor: James Noble.

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Episode 7

Benson's Army Reunion

Fri, Nov 26, 1982 30 mins

Benson's Army reunion has an unexpected guest: their POW from Korea, who's now a wealthy American citizen. Robert Guillaume. Scotty: Charles Cyphers. Danny: Ray Girardin. Jay: Bill Henderson.

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Episode 8

Benson's New Home

Fri, Dec 3, 1982 30 mins

Benson tries to force the owner of his new condo into cleaning up his operation. Robert Guillaume. Harry: Al Fann. Walter: Terry McGovern. Kraus: Inga Swenson.

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Episode 9

Crimes of the Hearth

Fri, Dec 10, 1982 30 mins

Benson's apartment is burglarized, but he's more victimized by police indifference than by the crime. Robert Guillaume. Frank: Barney Martin. Grimsby: George Murdock.

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Episode 10

Mary and Her Lambs

Fri, Dec 17, 1982 30 mins

At Christmas time, Benson tries to help the assistant cook (Barbara Perry) keep her foster children. Robert Guillaume sings "O Holy Night." Governor: James Noble.

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Episode 11

Pen Pals

Fri, Dec 31, 1982 30 mins

Kraus's prison pen pal heads for the mansion the minute he's paroled and holds her to a job offer she offhandedly made. Kraus: Inga Swenson. Benson: Robert Guillaume. Governor: James Noble.

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Episode 12

The Honeymooners

Fri, Jan 7, 1983 30 mins

At Kraus's wedding, Benson is asked to exchange vows as legal proxy for the absent groom. Inga Swenson, Robert Guillaume. Judge Tuttle: Loutz Gage. Judge Watson: Carolyn Coates.

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Episode 13

Close Encounters on the Third Hole

Fri, Jan 14, 1983 30 mins

The Governor claims he saw Benson beamed aboard a UFO during their golf game. James Noble, Robert Guillaume, Inga Swenson. Pete: Ethan Phillips. Clayton: Rene Auberjonois.

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Episode 14

Katie's Boyfriend

Fri, Jan 21, 1983 30 mins

The Governor rallies his staff to keep the Air Force from closing the local base; Katie lobbies for privileges befitting her advancing years. Missy Gold, Robert Guillaume. Kraus: Inga Swenson.

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Episode 15

The Royal Painting

Fri, Jan 28, 1983 30 mins

With the mansion a mess and the Queen of England coming to visit, Kraus hires amateurs for a cut-rate paint job. Robert Guillaume. Governor: James Noble.

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Episode 16

Boys Night Out

Fri, Feb 4, 1983 30 mins

An evening of poker for the boys leads to recollections of the girls who got away. Robert Guillaume, James Noble, Rene Auberjonois. Princess: Lina Raymond. Norma Jean: Katie LaBourdette.

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Episode 17

Family Tree

Fri, Feb 18, 1983 30 mins

Hoping to claim an inheritance, Benson discovers that he and Clayton are related. Robert Guillaume, Rene Auberjonois, James Noble, Inga Swenson. Professor: Jason Bernard. Katie: Missy Gold. Denise: Didi Conn.

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Episode 18

Calamity Kraus

Fri, Feb 25, 1983 30 mins

Kraus's lookalike, Judy, has a mad crush on Benson, who's trying to keep her company from leaving the state. James Noble, Rene Auberjonois, Didi Conn. Pete: Ethan Phillips. Katie: Missy Gold.

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Episode 19

Kraus Sings the Blues

Fri, Mar 4, 1983 30 mins

The staff turns the tables on a bogus record producer who bilked Kraus out of $3500 for an unusable demo recording. Swenson sings "In the Still of the Night." Robert Guillaume, James Noble. Tobias: John O'Leary. Pianist: Peter Matz.

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Episode 20

Half-Court Trap

Fri, Mar 11, 1983 30 mins

Benson discovers that his nephew, a college-basketball star, can barely read or write. Robert Guillaume. Harlington: Lincoln Kilpatrick. Governor: James Noble. Sid: Richard Marion.

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Episode 21

A View from the Roof

Fri, Mar 18, 1983 30 mins

Having lost their ladder while installing an antenna, Benson and the Governor spend the night on the roof. Robert Guillaume, James Noble. Kraus: Inga Swenson. Clayton: Rene Auberjonois.

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Episode 22

Love In a Funny Phase

Thu, Mar 31, 1983 30 mins

Jennifer's insistence on dating an old flame leads to a lovers' quarrel with Benson (Robert Guillaume). Jennifer: Lynne Moody. Governor: James Noble. Wes: Rick Fitts.

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