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Benson Season 7 Episodes

23 Episodes 1985 - 1986

Episode 1

Benson the Hero

Fri, Oct 4, 1985 30 mins

Benson subdues an armed robber and then gets slapped with a $1.5 million lawsuit by the crook's showboating lawyer. Robert Guillaume, Inga Swenson. Nevada Bob: Jerry Hardin. Judge Harper: Percy Rodrigues.

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Episode 2

Love and Politics

Fri, Oct 11, 1985 30 mins

Benson is bothered when a senator changes her vote on a bill after they begin dating. Robert Guillaume, James Noble. Eleanor: Michelle Callahan. Katie: Missy Gold.

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Episode 3

Uncle Jack

Fri, Oct 18, 1985 30 mins

Benson reluctantly acts as mediator between the Governor and his brother, who haven't spoken to each other in 25 years. James Noble, Robert Guillaume. Big Luther: Donald Gibb. Rudy: Nicholas Worth.

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Episode 4

The Stranger

Fri, Oct 25, 1985 30 mins

Halloween night in Capitol City brings rains and flooding---and a spooky character calling himself Mr. G. Reaper (William Marshall). Robert Guillaume, Missy Gold. Colonel Cathcart: David Froman.

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Episode 5

We Spy

Fri, Nov 8, 1985 30 mins

On a trip to Germany, Benson and Kraus are mistaken for spies by the secret police in East Berlin. Robert Guillaume, Inga Swenson. Max: Christopher Neame. Wolfgang: David Wells. Concierge: Bea Silvern.

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Episode 6

One Million Hour

Fri, Nov 15, 1985 30 mins

While the Governor is away, Benson and Clayton must spend an $8 million budget surplus by the end of the fiscal year---which is only hours away. Robert Guillaume, Rene Auberjonois. McGinnis: Martin E. Brooks.

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Episode 7

Flight of the Dodo

Fri, Nov 29, 1985 30 mins

A golfing trip in a helicopter winds up in the rough when the chopper goes down in the middle of nowhere. Part 1 of two. Robert Guillaume, Rene Auberjonois. Tommy: Don Bovingloh. Mrs. Cassidy: Billie Bird.

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Episode 8

Flight of the Dodo

Fri, Dec 6, 1985 30 mins

Conclusion. With prospects looking dim, Clayton launches a search for help, while Tommy lapses into unconsciousness. Rene Auberjonois, Robert Guillaume. Tommy: Don Bovingloh. Governor: James Noble.

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Episode 9

Two Boys and Their Dog

Fri, Dec 13, 1985 30 mins

Benson seeks Clayton's financial advice, and finds himself co-owner of a champion hound---but the dog proves to be a bad investment. Robert Guillaume, Rene Auberjonois, James Noble. Dr. Lambert: Jim Jansen.

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Episode 10

The Last Man on Earth

Fri, Jan 3, 1986 30 mins

Kraus dreams that she and Benson are the only survivors of the passing of Halley's comet.

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Episode 11

Secret Love

Sat, Jan 18, 1986 30 mins

Clayton's nomination as budget director hits a snag when it's discovered that he's living with a Soviet defector.

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Episode 12

Summer of Discontent

Sat, Jan 25, 1986 30 mins

Benson gets his nephew a job as a gofer, but the young man goes only for women and good times.

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Episode 13

Parade Rest

Sat, Feb 1, 1986 30 mins

Benson investigates the disappearance of a veteran who was hired to retile the bathroom.

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Episode 14

Reel Murder

Sat, Feb 8, 1986 30 mins

While Benson's Army buddy George Kennedy is filming a murder mystery at the mansion, the director is found dead after a blackout. Part 1 of two.

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Episode 15

Reel Murder

Sat, Feb 15, 1986 30 mins

Conclusion. As the blizzard continues, the staff and crew search for the murderer of the director.

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Episode 16

A Hat and Ring

Sat, Feb 22, 1986 30 mins

Benson, convinced the question Senator Hartford has for him is "the" question, rushes to initiate a proposal.

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Episode 17

The Bucks Stop Here

Sat, Mar 1, 1986 30 mins

Clayton sees his father's young fiancee as an obstacle to his inheriting the family fortune.

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Episode 18

Pardon Me

Sat, Mar 15, 1986 30 mins

Benson urges the Governor to pardon a man who was framed 25 years ago, and now he must find housing for the guy, who says he'd rather stay in prison.

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Episode 19

Hi Society

Sat, Mar 22, 1986 30 mins

While Kraus is flooded with invitations to hobnob in high society, Benson and the Governor plumb for the information leak that's jeopardising a major piece of legislation.

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Episode 20

Three on Mismatch

Sat, Mar 29, 1986 30 mins

Benson and Kraus double date with the Governor and his blind date---Benson's former flame.

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Episode 21

Friends and Enemies

Sat, Apr 12, 1986 30 mins

Loopholes put Benson in the race for governor, with reptilian Senator Tyler as his running mate and the Governor as his opponent.

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Episode 22

And the Winner Is

Sat, Apr 19, 1986 30 mins

In the series finale, Senator Tyler's tactics heat up the personal and political rivalry between Benson and the Governor prior to a TV debate.

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Episode 23


Mon, Apr 1, 2019 30 mins

Butler Benson is spotlighted.

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