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Amen Season 5 Episodes

23 Episodes 1990 - 1991

Episode 1

Love, Deacon Style

Sat, Nov 17, 1990 30 mins

Reuben doesn't seem to notice Thelma's efforts to recapture the glow of their newlywed days. Dean Barnsworthy: Ben Hartigan. Leola: Montrose Hagins. Thelma: Anna Maria Horsford. Reuben: Clifton Davis.

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Episode 2

Two Men, One Woman and a Baby

Sat, Dec 1, 1990 30 mins

An abandoned baby awakens Thelma's maternal instincts; the Deacon prepares for a visit from the IRS. Monica: Annie Gagen. Henderson: Wesley Mann. Tonya: Yvonne Farrow. Thelma: Anna Maria Horsford.

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Episode 3

Child's Play

Sat, Dec 8, 1990 30 mins

The Deacon means to prove that he can handle a roomful of kids by taking over the church's day-care center. Max: Michael Oliver. Chris: Tony T. Johnson. Jennifer: Marissa Rosen. Tommy: Nicholas Rutherford.

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Episode 4

Yo Deak

Sat, Dec 15, 1990 30 mins

The Deacon, vying for a seat on the crime commission, offers a youth help in putting his life back on track. Clarence: Bumper Robinson. Glenda: Lyvingston Holmes. Judge Stoneham: John Ingle. Deacon: Sherman Hemsley.

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Episode 5

Miracle on 134th Street: Part 1

Sat, Dec 22, 1990 30 mins

The Deacon defends a man (William Windom) claiming to be Santa Claus; Thelma gets a surprise visitor. Part 1 of two. Mother Gregory: Jane White. Lockwood: Ron Glass. Judge: William Lanteau. Deacon: Sherman Hemsley.

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Episode 6

Miracle on 134th Street

Sat, Dec 22, 1990 30 mins

Conclusion. The Deacon regrets not believing in Santa Claus (William Windom); Thelma has her fill of criticism from Reuben's mother (Jane White). Lockwood: Ron Glass. Judge: William Lanteau. Deacon: Sherman Hemsley.

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Episode 7

Judge Deacon Frye

Sat, Dec 29, 1990 30 mins

After the Deacon is appointed judge, he has a run-in with a defendant's gun-toting girlfriend (Lu Leonard) on his first day on the bench. Joey: Nicholas Worth. Prosecutor: Barbara Pariot. McAllister: Patrick O'Brien.

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Episode 8

The Gospel Truth

Sat, Jan 5, 1991 30 mins

The Deacon counts on his songbird niece (Siedah Garrett) to sub for Amelia and win the gospelfest competition. Deacon Willis: D'Mitch Davis. Barney: Mark Lonow. Deacon: Sherman Hemsley. Thelma: Anna Maria Horsford.

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Episode 9

Lights, Camera, Deacon

Sat, Jan 12, 1991 30 mins

A televised trial featuring a chicken-franchise king (Steve Allen) promises the campaigning Judge Frye a leg up on media exposure. Sherman Hemsley. Clarence: Bumper Robinson. Commander Cluck: Frank Marino.

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Episode 10


Fri, Jan 19, 1990 30 mins

Thelma doesn't understand when her father embarks on a May-December romance with a young environmentalist (Halle Berry). Vernon: Dwayne Kennedy. Gladys: Suzanne Stone. Thelma: Anna Maria Horsford.

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Episode 11

Ernie and the Sublimes

Sat, Feb 2, 1991 30 mins

Chubby Checker drops by as Ernie is reunited with his '50s doo-wop group for a church benefit, which is marred by an old love triangle. Darla: LaWanda Page. Casey Kasem: Himself. Swifty: Whitman Mayo. Ernie: Sherman Hemsley.

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Episode 12

The Deacon's Slam Dunk

Sat, Feb 9, 1991 30 mins

A basketball star (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) wants to organize a church league, while the Deacon wants to send him to Italy to play and Amelia (Roz Ryan) wants him to be her man. Lorenzo: Tony Pandolfo. Benito: Joe Costanza.

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Episode 13

Three Men and a Hammer

Sat, Feb 23, 1991 30 mins

Rapper MC Hammer has a dual role as a flamboyant minister and as himself, busting a move to keep Clarence in school. Guard: Jacques Apollo Bolton. Clarence: Bumper Robinson. Rev. Gregory: Clifton Davis.

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Episode 14

Nothin' Says Lovin'

Sat, Mar 2, 1991 30 mins

The Reverend is expectant over an anniversary trip with Thelma, while a moody Thelma might also be expectant---with baby. Clifton Davis. Anna Maria Horsford. Janet: Susan Beaubian. Brittany: Thora. The Father: Andrew Hill Newman. The Mother: Jeanine Jackson.

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Episode 15

My Fair Homeboy

Sat, Mar 9, 1991 30 mins

Homeboy Clarence gets a crash course in sophistication to impress the Deacon's friend (John Hancock), whose daughter (A.J. Johnson) has fallen for him. Clarence: Bumper Robinson. Deacon: Sherman Hemsley.

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Episode 16

A Star Is Burned

Sat, Mar 23, 1991 30 mins

Thelma mopes over her lack of achievements, until she gets her own cooking show and becomes a celebrity. Marshall: John Hancock. Eileen: Katherine Van Loan. Thelma: Anna Maria Horsford. Deacon: Sherman Hemsley.

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Episode 17


Sat, Mar 30, 1991 30 mins

Judge Frye is unaware he's being set up when he's lured by Lockwood (Ron Glass) into joining an exclusive country club. Al: Peter Van Norden. Collins: Jacy Ryland. Rev. Gregory: Clifton Davis. Amelia: Roz Ryan.

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Episode 18

The Wild Deak

Sat, Apr 6, 1991 30 mins

Motorcycling for adventurous tales, the Deacon finds one in a face-to-face encounter with another biker (Don Gibb), who considers rearranging his face. Earl: Earl Boen. Bull: Fred Stoller. Deacon: Sherman Hemsley.

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Episode 19

Three's a Crowd

Sat, Apr 13, 1991 30 mins

Clarence loses his faith in the Deacon after the Deacon steals his lady (Lynne Moody); Reuben shares the joy of Thelma's pregnancy by wearing a 35-lb. "Daddy Tummy." Ice Pick: Joe Torry. Clarence: Bumper Robinson.

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Episode 20

Date with an Angel

Sat, Apr 27, 1991 30 mins

Deacon Frye is the prize in a charity bachelor auction won by the estranged wife of the Deacon's jealous rival. Darla: LaWanda Page. Swifty: Whitman Mayo. Francine: Bambola Allen-Blaine. Deacon: Sherman Hemsley.

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Episode 21


Sat, May 4, 1991 30 mins

Part 1 of 2. The Deacon sweet-talks stingy heiress Darla in hopes of keeping the church afloat; Reuben gets queasy thinking about childbirth. Darla: LaWanda Page. Watkins: Wesley Mann. Pamela: Connie Ray. Peter: Ron Fassler. Deacon: Sherman Hemsley.

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Episode 22


Sat, May 11, 1991 30 mins

Conclusion. Appearances by James Brown and Lloyd Price aren't the only surprises during a telethon to save the church. Thelma: Anna Maria Horsford. Rev. Gregory: Clifton Davis. Deacon: Sherman Hemsley.

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Episode 23


Wed, Jan 2, 2019 30 mins

A headstrong deacon is shocked when the trustees hire an idealistic new minister to head a Philadelphia community church.

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