Where the Wild Things Are Where the Wild Things Are

Author Maurice Sendak couldn't be more thrilled with Spike Jonze's adaptation of his classic children's book, Where the Wild Things Are.

In a short video kicking off Warner Brothers' Comic-Con 2009 panel on Friday in San Diego, an enthusiastic Sendak explained how did Jonze "did his without giving up mine" and "it enhances and enriches my book," according to SciFiWire.com.

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After the intro, adorable young actor Max Records, who plays Max, took the stage to share his experiences working on the film
(coming to IMAX in October) before several visually stunning preview clips were unveiled for the audience.

The first clip shows Max waking in the arms of a Wild Thing, voiced by James Gandolfini, and checking out his new kingdom. In another clip, we find Max having a good ol' time with a bunch of the Wild Things, and opens up about his oh-so-unfair family. And of course, as all children do, Max & Co. build a fort.

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Check out some of the amazing cinematography and special effects in the trailer below: