Mark Consuelos dropped by recently to promote Hallmark Channel's

For the Love of Grace, in which he plays a widowed firefighter who just might find his own life "saved" by a beautiful author (

John from Cincinnati's Chandra West). Mark, who was also a producer on the project, says, "I liked the approach [of the script]. It's a romantic story that takes a slower, more considerate approach to two people who have had loss and find each other." Mark also talks about his and wife Kelly Ripa's latest "family" endeavor, previews his guest-starring turn on Ugly Betty (at the 3:00 mark), then weighs in on how the tabloids treat him and Kelly. For the Love of Grace premieres Saturday at 9 pm/ET. P.S. I did White Strips for an entire weekend before he came by. But really, who was I kidding? - Matt Mitovich Related: " Exclusive: Ugly Betty Taps Pretty Hunky Mark Consuelos