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The Week in Superlatives: Toughest Talk, Best Truthbomb, and the Blistering Betrayal

The best and wildest moments of the week in TV

Amanda Bell

The summer season has officially begun, which means there are lots of new fun-in-the-sun-style shows coming through this week, like Riviera on SundanceNow and ABC's Grand Hotel and Reef Break. Meanwhile, some of our favorites that don't require a hefty amount of SPF are still well underway, too, so to celebrate all of the biggest moments of the small screen this week, here's our regular roll-out of completely worthless (but fun!) superlative prizes.

Most satisfying acceptance speech: After being honored for Best Fight in Captain Marvelat the MTV Movie Awards, Brie Larson turned the mic over to the two women who trained her and did the heavy lifting on stunts. Joanna Bennett said of the gesture, "It's truly a rare acknowledgment, and it means so much not only to the both of us but to the entire stunt community." (Shout out to Robin Lehner and Anderson Whitehead for both bringing on many feels during their time onstage at the NHL Awards, too.)

GIF of the week: Tyson Fury's bout with Tom Schwarz was such a mismatch that it was hardly a surprise when the ref had to stop the fight in the second round, but Fury got major points with the Las Vegas crowd when he walked into the MGM Grand styled just like Apollo Creed in Rocky IV, even dancing to James Brown's "Living In America" for good measure. Fury knows he needs to be an entertainer if he wants to establish an audience in the States, and he's obviously more than willing to embrace his place as the watchable little weirdo.


Toughest talk: Things got really real onBig Little Liesthis week once the elementary school gossip mill forced Jane (Shailene Woodley) to talk to Ziggy about his father. It'd be simple enough if it were just a matter of telling the boy that, yes, Celeste's twins are his brothers. But in order to be transparent -- and rip off this band-aid once and for all -- Jane also had to delve into the definition of assault with her 7-year-old. And the conversation was exactly as painful for Jane and as pitiable for little Ziggy as could be expected.

The WTF did I just watch moment: The series premiere of HBO's Euphoriawas a dizzying mess, but that's mostly the point. The show centers on the hectic life experiences of post-9/11 teens who've become consumed by the anxiety and unease of modern America, and, unfortunately for the characters of this show, have turned to some dangerous coping mechanisms. The series opener was just a taste of the wildness still to come, too, so strap in for some eye-melting imagery and storylines ahead as we explore the millennial malaise in devastating detail here.

The best truth-bomb: Hannah Brown is quickly becoming one of our favorite Bachelorettes ever because she is not afraid to speak her mind when things get out of hand. This week, as she waffled on what to do with Luke, she also had to give the rest of the house a talking to about engaging in all that guy gossip about him because it meant they were missing the real point of it all: paying attention to her. Under any other circumstances that might seem self-centered, but, yeah bros, that's the entire point of this show.

The blistering betrayal: If you had hope that Serena Joy Waterford (Yvonne Strahovski) might become a true ally to June (Elisabeth Moss) on this season of The Handmaid's Tale, this week's episode should put an end to that. After June went to the trouble of having her husband bring Nichole to the airport for a supervised reunion with Serena, the woman up and forgot all the reasons she'd let the baby go to begin with and conspired with her own husband to stage a televised propaganda-style appeal to have Canada deport her back into their care. Things are about to get even uglier in Gilead.

Best fake wedding: After Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) decided to make it official during the family Lotería on Jane the Virgin, little Mateo was all of us when he couldn't believe their wedding would actually happen and decided to insist on a then-and-there nuptial session to make it so. Smart kid, even if none of it is actually official ... yet.

Most entertaining new game show: Who knew that a show about ultra-competitive mini-golf, featuring people-sized chipmunks, yellow jacket-clad co-hosts Joe Tessitore and Rob Riggle, and celebrity cameos by people like Steph Curry could be anything more than a low-rent sequel to Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story? Yet, there's something oddly compelling about Holey Moley, ABC's new game show which puts contestants through some Wipeout!-style acrobatics before they get to the business of trying to earn that plaid jacket. It's good, wholesome fun, and the fact that the two commentators come at this thing with some serious self-awareness makes us wonder if this isn't the next weirdly addictive competition show in the vein of The Masked Singer. Stay tuned to find out if this intensity can stay on par.