Zooey Deschanel and Dylan O'Brien Zooey Deschanel and Dylan O'Brien

Everyone's losing it — or more to the point, remembering how they lost it — on one of this season's more uproarious episodes of Fox's New Girl, a reminder of just how potent the comic chemistry can be between Zooey Deschanel and her BFFs when they all hang together, sharing embarrassing stories (some more mortifying than others) about how their "innocence" (such as it never was) was stolen. This episode (Tuesday, 8:58/7:58c) will be especially enjoyable for fans of Max Greenfield's Fat Schmidt slapstick and for those who've been waiting for Lamorne Morris' Winston to emerge from the sidelines and get some major LOL action. Jess (Deschanel) starts the trip down Painful Memory Lane with glimpses from Prom Night, which brings suitors including Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien (Stiles!) into her life. But it's Winston's grotesque hook-up and Fat Schmidt's messy night in college with the girlfriend who would become Merritt Wever (from Nurse Jackie) that you're likely to remember. All that and another great payoff at the end. No sophomore slump for this show.

I'm still waiting for the freshman rush to kick in for Fox's The Mindy Project (9:30/8:30c), a smug celebration of shallowness that can't quite support storylines as meaty as Mindy mulling a conversion to Christianity to appease her devout new beau Casey (Anders Holm), or the painful baggage we're supposed to care about between Danny (Chris Messina) and his newly returned ex-wife Christina (a very welcome Chloë Sevigny). I was encouraged for a brief moment by the firing of Morgan (Ike Barinholtz, whose charms are lost on me in this role), who promptly teams with the antagonistic Deslaurier midwife bros in a competitive charity triathlon that builds to nothing special except a puking gag I could have lived without.

Nausea may also be a side effect of the opening scat-porn sketch that opens Comedy Central's gamy new showcase for another of its sharp-tongued stars of the roasting circuit. "I'm a little sluttier than the average bear," boasts Amy Schumer, the pixie-with-a-bite, in one of the stand-up bits interspersed throughout Inside Amy Schumer (10:30/9:30c), whose title is itself a double entendre, indicating the high level of low-aiming sex humor that permeates many of the sketches. Schumer is a disarmingly cute viper unafraid to make her characters as selfish, dishonest and delusional as necessary to drive the twisted point home.

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IN THE NEWS: Not to be confused with the 2011 Lifetime movie starring Hayden Panettiere, ABC News devotes an hour of prime time (10/9c) to Diane Sawyer's exclusive interview with the real Amanda Knox, the student abroad whose legal nightmare in the Italian courts became a worldwide tabloid sensation. The fact that Knox has a new book to pitch will likely not distract those who can't get enough of this story.

GRIMM (AND OTHER DRAMATIC) TIDINGS: It's Grimm to the rescue. The little supernatural show that could on Fridays has been uprooted, replacing NBC's insta-flop Ready for Love and taking advantage of a two-hour "knockout round" lead-in from The Voice. The first episode on the new night (10:01/9:01c) involves signs that aliens may exist within the Wesen world. How else to explain those cow mutilations and glowing objects? ... After last week's explosive events on CBS' NCIS (8/7c), Homeland Security intensifies its efforts to get the team to step down from their pursuit of the murderous Bodnar. Like that's gonna happen. ... On NCIS: LA (9/8c), the focus is on Hetty (Linda Hunt), whose motivations for assigning a missing-persons case are questioned when it involves an undercover NCIS agent from her mysterious past. Who cares what she's up to? She's Hetty!

THE TUESDAY GUIDE: A new season of Travel Channel's Airport 24/7: Miami (9/8c) opens with back-to-back episodes of chaos at Miami International Airport. The first crisis involves an arriving aircraft colliding with a parked plane en route to France, and then there's a fatal bus crash. ... Michael Bublé performs on the results show of ABC's Dancing With the Stars (9/8c), and in a crossover of sorts with Fox's soon-to-return So You Think You Can Dance, a special routine will be choreographed and performed by Dance vets Allison Holker and Stephen "tWitch" Boss. ... In the wake of the Boston bombings, PBS' Frontline (check tvguide.com listings) updates its 2011 report Top Secret America, an investigation of America's counter-terrorism agencies, exploring how one of the suspects may have fallen through the security net after being on the radar of the CIA and FBI. ... In the fifth season of TLC's The Little Couple (10/9c), Bill and Dr. Jen's dream of becoming parents gets closer to reality as they explore avenues of international adoption.

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