Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13
9/8c Syfy
If Spock died in the second Star Trek film and came back to life in the third, and if David Tennant's Dr. Who can "die" and come back as Matt Smith, surely Artie (Saul Rubinek) could've found something in the warehouse to let him survive the inferno that consumed him at the end of the first-season finale. Right? And while we're throwing around sci-fi luminaries, it's worth mentioning that an author who helped to establish the genre turns up in tonight's second-season launch. — Michael Chant

Tour de France
8:30 a.m./7:30c VS
Despite being early in the race, Stage 3, a 213km leg from Wanze to Arenberg Porte du Hainaut, could be a critical turning point in the race. Riders will have to cover just over 13-km of cobblestones throughout the stage, including four large sections covering the final 30-km. The difficult terrain may be favorable for experienced riders Lance Armstrong and Cadel Evans. — Kelly McGettigan

America's Got Talent
9/8c NBC
Last week marked the end of the overly colorful preliminary auditions, chock-full of drama and complete with both triumphant wins and dream-dashing eliminations. It's viva Las Vegas in tonight's two-hour showcase, as the advanced acts sweat it out at Vegas' Palms Casino Resort in their bid to win a slot in the coveted Top 48. In tomorrow's installment, the tension will escalate when judges Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel and Piers Morgan debate the contestants' fate and at long last form the Top 48. — Dean Maurer

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
10/9c USA
The series wraps up its ninth season by introducing Nichols' father (played by F. Murray Abraham), whom the detective turns to for help on a case. Nichols needs help understanding three suspects implicated in a real-estate agent's murder, and his father could provide some insight. A new episode about a promising young boxer whose career hits the skids after he's implicated in a dog-fighting ring airs at 9 pm/ET before the finale at 10 pm/ET. — Brie Hearn

Rescue Me
10/9c FX
Tommy's brush with death (and an afterlife that most of us would regard as unpleasant) seems to have scared him straight. "I'm making some positive changes," he tells Father Mickey tonight as he makes arrangements to attend an AA meeting. Colleen could use a 12-step program herself — she's becoming quite the chip off the old block. Meanwhile, Sheila is after Tommy to get Damien to quit the FDNY. And Lou's baking brownies. The brass wants to close a company, and he wants to rally neighborhood support for 62 Truck. — Paul Droesch

The Last Lion of Liuwa
9/8c Animal Planet
The Liuwa Plain lies along Zambia's Zambezi River and is subject to violent storms that flood the savanna for half of the year. Wildebeest, wild dogs, cheetahs---and one lioness---call it home. She is the sole survivor of her pride, which was brutally massacred. This documentary follows this big cat as it adapts to the challenges of existing alone in a landscape of extremes. — Rhoda Charles

10/9c PBS
As evidenced by the penetrating Promised Land, righting the wrongs of South Africa's apartheid past is a complicated matter. Black claimants seeking ancestral lands find themselves butting heads not just with white landowners, many of whom have deeds that date to before the apartheid system was put into place, but the government itself, which has adopted a "willing buyer, willing seller" approach to the problem. — Jeff Gemmill