Torchwood Torchwood

Torchwood: Children of the Earth
9/8 CT BBC America
The entire human race could be wiped out in the conclusion of this thrilling miniseries if the prime minister doesn't deliver on his promise to give 10 percent of the world's children to that slimy alien race known only as the 456. Jack Harkness, however, won't let that happen without a fight. Still reeling from the Thames House tragedy, the Captain is determined to atone for his sins of the past and save the children — something he failed to do 40 years ago. Karen Andzejewicz

Wizards of Waverly Place
8/7 CT Disney
The series begins a four-episode story about a family of vampires, the Van Heusens, who open a rival sandwich shop that takes a serious bite out of the Russos' Sub Station business. In tonight's opener, Justin spies on the new family to gain information but ends up head-over-heels for the Van Heusen's beautiful daughter, Juliet (Bridgit Mendler). The story line is scheduled to wrap up August 14. — Tim Holland

Chopping Block
8/7 CT NBC
The competition comes to a close as the two remaining couples combine all that they've learned to launch their restaurants. The pairs must put the finishing touches on their remodeling projects, plan the perfect menu and prepare top-notch service for the opening-night celebration. Not only do they serve a packed house, but Marco and his guest Piers Morgan are in the crowd — no pressure! The winning duo walks away with $250,000. —Brie Hearn

9/8 CT Syfy
Last year, actor Colin Ferguson guest starred on an episode of Ghost Hunters. Tonight, the man Eureka calls Sheriff Jack Carter might want the ghost hunters to return the favor as the reopening of Global Dynamics' Section 5 sets loose things best described as poltergeists. General Hospital alumna Jamie Ray Newman kicks off her recurring-role residency as Dr. Tess Fontana. — Michael Chant

10 /9 CT ABC
According to Charles Gibson, oil companies made approximately $180 billion in 2008, yet gas-station owners make more money selling soda than gasoline. Gibson explores reasons why — and why oil prices swing so wildly — as he follows oil from pump to platform, with side trips to Washington, D.C., and the New York Mercantile Exchange. It's a rocky ride — and that's before the producers trot out the stock footage of Saudi sheiks. And climate change? Secretary of Energy Steven Chu calls it "the new 800-lb. gorilla." — Paul Droesch

Degrassi: The Next Generation
8/7 CT The N
Exam time causes lots of problems for various Degrassi students, including Mia, whose grades are falling because of her modeling schedule. Realizing she doesn't have time for everything, Mia considers dropping out of school. Meanwhile, Holly J. is not happy about the C she received in an art class, and she's got vengeance on her mind. — Jennifer Sankowski