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This Is Us: Everything We Know About Season 3 So Far

From new casting to plot lines, here's what to expect!

Megan Vick

This Is Us is an emotional rollercoaster fans just can't quit.

The NBC drama recently concluded its sophomore season, and thanks to an early two-season pick-up in Season 1, we already know that the show is coming back for a third season. The series left off with some major cliffhangers for the upcoming season, but we're already collecting clues and tidbits about what we can expect when the Pearsons return to NBC this fall.

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The Show Returns in September
We know you're suffering from withdrawals but at least now we know when they will end! NBC announced the show returns for Season 3 on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 9/8c.

Pieces of the series finale have already been shot
Dan Fogelman revealed at a For Your Consideration event in Los Angeles in June that scenes from the series finale that he envisions have already been shot. He knows where he wants the story is going to end and the show won't continue just because everyone loves it.

The Season 2 cliffhanger is the "ending timeline"
This Is Us set the internet ablaze at the end of Season 2 when Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and adult Tess discussed going to see a mysterious "her." When speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Fogelman confirmed that the time period in which that conversation takes place is the show's "ending timeline" and clues about who they are talking about will be sprinkled throughout Season 3.

Beth isn't going to die
One of the big finale cliffhangers left a lot of fans wondering if Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) would die in Season 3 because Randall and future Tess were seen having a tense discussion without her. Watson promised fans in a video for Gold Derby in April that Beth will not die in the upcoming season though, so we all can rest easy for the moment.

Jack will still be a major part of the show
Season 2 revealed how Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) actually died, a mystery that plagued fans since the start of the series. Once that question was answered, many viewers wondered if Jack would continue to be a central part of the series. He will be! Justin Hartley teased during a cast visit to Wired that Season 3 will actually feature Jack's biggest storyline yet!

Creator Dan Fogelman told Deadline that Season 3 will be a big Vietnam season for This Is Us. The season will explore Jack in his early days and cover the formative time he lost his brother during the war. It will also feature more Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) origin stories.

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There will be more Miguel
The second season also came with a fuller understanding of Miguel (Jon Huertas) and Rebecca's relationship. It turns out they didn't start dating until a decade after Jack's death and Miguel has been vigilant about protecting Rebecca's heart ever since. Huertas told TV Guide himself that Season 3 will explore more of their relationship as well as touch on how Miguel relates to the Big 3, especially Kate (Chrissy Metz).

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Kevin has a new girlfriend!
The season finale revealed that Kevin (Justin Hartley) enters into a serious romantic relationship with Beth's cousin Zoe. A flash forward showed the two are still dating a year after Kate and Toby's (Chris Sullivan) wedding. She's accompanying him to Vietnam where they're going to learn more about Jack.

PS. Beth is not stoked about it.

Vietnam will raise more questions about the Pearson family past
Conspiracy theory alert! Justin Hartley teased to TV Guide that Kevin's trip to Vietnam will lead him to some new information about Jack and prompt more questions about the family. We have a feeling this will be the show's next big mystery.

Toby is depressed
The flash forwards in the Season 2 finale also revealed that Toby is at a crippling level of depression. He's on various medications, but still can't get out of bed because of his condition. Season 3 will explore what led him to that place and hopefully discover a way to bring him out of it.

Beth and Toby will get showcase episodes
Fogelman told a theater full of people at an Emmys event in May that This Is Us will feature showcase episodes for both Toby and Beth similar to the episodes Season 2 had for the Big 3. He was more tight-lipped about Toby's episode but revealed that Beth's will focus on her upbringing and we'll see what she was like as a child, which is very different from the Beth we've grown to know and love.

Beth and Randall are going to have a big reaction to Deja wrecking the car
Beth and Randall have been very patient with Deja as she adjusts to living with them, but Watson teased that they are indeed very angry when they find out she wrecked the family car. She's going to be grounded for the foreseeable future and the event is going to have a "major effect" on the family as they move forward.

Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, This Is Us​

Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, This Is Us

NBC, Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This Is Us returns this fall on NBC.