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The Masked Singer's Tree Is Revealed to Be an SNL Legend

And evidence keeps mounting that Flamingo is Adrienne Bailon

Malcolm Venable

The Masked Singer has only six little monsters left, as the remaining beasts try to saaang their way to the semi-finals. Fun fact, yours truly was actually in the audience for this taping -- there to see Nick Cannon all done up in his "Versace ninja" look as Robin Thicke so eloquently put it.

Matchup No. 1: Fox vs Leopard
"Blame It (On the Alcohol)" from Fox might go down as one of the best televised performances of the year; Fox murdered this song, with the added bonus of having its creator T-Pain right there to witness it. Fox ad-libbed, scatted and danced his bushy tail off, leaving no doubt that this performer is a seasoned pro.
This week's clues: He said he wants to get away, fly away. He's being accepted for who he is. He said he doesn't need his superhero disguise. He says he feels unchained (like Jaime Foxx in Django Unchained). He said he spent one of the best weekends of his life with one of the judges. See some previous clueshere and here.
The guesses: Wayne Brady, Jamie Foxx and Lenny Kravitz's names came up, but this more than likely Wayne Brady.

Meowing out "We Are Young" from Fun., Leopard's scratchy, raspy voice made him sound like someone who's not really a pro singer and at the same time, a lot like singer Seal, whose name has been a consistent guess as to who this is.
This week's clues: He called himself amenace of tennis. We saw a check for $20 million, and a toy motorcycle turned over, as if this person survived a crash. He said he presented on an awards show with one of the judges, and was wearing a custom leather outfit. Jenny reminded us one of his clues was about his marriage, which is another strong hint this is the former Mr. Heidi Klum. See some past clues here and here.
The guesses: Jenny McCarthy said Eric Benet, Robin said Seal, and Ken said Enrique Iglesias.

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Matchup No. 2: Thingamajig vs. Flamingo
Belting out John Legend's "Ordinary People," Thingamajig showed he's very likely going to be the one to beat in this thing as we race to the end. He's got a buttery, beautiful, and soulful voice and sounded as good as Legend himself.
This week's clues:
Nicole Scherzinger's furry neon boo, who the internet says is Victor Oladipo, included a card that read MVP in his package. He said he has no time to get crabby -- a hint to some Maryland roots -- and he played guitar, which was too cute. See some previous clues here and here.
The guesses: Markelle Fultz, Montell Jordan and John Legend. None of which are right cause this is Victor Oladipo, obvi!

Wow! She brought the house down with "Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac -- showing lots of energy and enthusiasm.
This week's clues: She said she went from clueless to celebrated, and said she mingled with other flamingos and it was "a different world." She added another reference to Sister Sister -- all of which added up to her trying to distract us from knowing this is Adrienne Bailon. See some other clues here and here.
The guesses: Jenny, who really is the queen bee of this competition, guessed Adrienne Bailon and that's really all that matters.

The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer


Matchup No. 3: Tree vs Rottweiler
"The Edge of Glory" from Lady Gaga wasn't her best outing, TBH, but Tree did her best. She's got a great voice, just not one suited to this power pop ballad -- she kinda sounded like a cool mom grabbing the mic at karaoke.
This week's clues: Dropping a lot of hints about TV, Tree said she missed the collaboration that went on with her colleagues and she said she was glad to share some of her Christmas spirit. See some previous clues here and here.
The guesses: Ken guessed Bebe Neuwirth -- which wasn't a bad guess. Robin said Rachael Ray. T-Pain said Mariah Carey, I guess just to troll Nick Cannon.

Rottweiler is still holding his own in this game alongside gifted singers Fox and Thingamajig, and his rendition of Lewis Capaldi's "Someone You Loved" showed everyone he's not ready to be put in the doghouse yet.
The clues: He said takes time to meditate, and we saw him in meditation with a bowl and beads. We saw a Babybjörn, and he mentioned staying out of the "shallow end." We saw references to "30 seconds" and My So-Called Life.
The guesses: Jared Leto, Darren Criss, and Bow Wow's names floated to the top.

In the end, Tree got the chop and it was revealed to be Ana Gasteyer, who Jenny guessed a few weeks back and repeated again tonight! We may not know who is the Fox, Rottweiler, or the Leopard is, but Jenny is the GOAT of guessing.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.

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The Tree, The Masked Singer

The Tree, The Masked Singer