You didn't ask for it, but you're getting it anyway: a TV series version of the Martin Scorsese-directed crime classic The Departed is in the works at Amazon.

Deadline reports that the streaming service has partnered with the movie's producers to develop a serialized adaptation of the 2006 movie, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture and finally earned Scorsese his first Best Director Oscar.

The series will shift from the Irish mob in Boston to street gangs in Chicago. A young cop will infiltrate a Latin gang, while the gang in turn plants a mole in the Chicago Police Department. It's written by Detroit 1-8-7 creator Jason Richman.

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprioMartin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio

The film The Departed stars Leonardo DiCaprio as the undercover cop and Matt Damon as the infiltrating gangster, as well as Vera Farmiga, Alec Baldwin, Martin Sheen, Mark Wahlberg and Jack Nicholson. It is itself an adaptation of a 2002 Hong Kong movie called Internal Affairs, so there's no use getting mad about a lack of originality.

The Departed is the second movie adaptation currently in the works at Amazon. Jack Ryan, a John Krasinski-starring reboot of the Jack Ryan spy franchise, was recently picked up to series.