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11 Fun Facts We Learned During Teen Wolf's PaleyFest Panel

What's ahead in Season 5?

Kaitlin Thomas

On Wednesday, the cast of MTV's supernatural drama Teen Wolf appeared at PaleyFest to discuss the show's incredible journey and tease what to expect from Season 5. On hand were executive producer Jeff Davis and stars Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden, Arden Cho, Shelley Hennig and Dylan Sprayberry. Crystal Reed, whose character Allison Argent was killed off at the end of Season 3, even made a special surprise appearance.

Here are 11 teases about what to expect in Season 5, and a few fun facts you may not have known before:

1. Dylan O'Brien and Holland Roden originally auditioned to play other characters

It's hard to imagine a world in which O'Brien isn't Stiles Stilinski, but the actor originally auditioned for the role of Scott. He was drawn to the character of Stiles, though, and for that we should all be eternally grateful. Meanwhile, Roden initially read for Allison and only went back to read for Lydia after it was clear she wasn't getting the role. Meanwhile, Reed was the first actress to audition for the role of Allison. Apparently the producers liked what they saw.

2. Those banshee screams are fake

Like most things on TV, Roden's banshee screams are fake. In fact, she's been faking them for awhile now. "I think a year and a half ago [I] stopped screaming," the actress said, explaining that they have a lot of screams banked and she just stage-screams now. And to set the record straight, most of the actors who portray werewolves have also stopped growling in their scenes. Posey and Hennig are method actors and still growl, but Hoechlin has just been hissing for awhile. So next time you're watching, just imagine that instead.

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3. Season 5 will begin with a cold open featuring Lydia

After being somewhat marginalized in Season 4 as the series tried to service several story lines and even more characters, Lydia will be front and center when the new season begins. Here's hoping it stays that way, because Teen Wolf could definitely use more Lydia right now.

4. Jeff Davis knows Stiles' real name, but you'll have to wait to find out

The mystery of Stiles' real name is an ongoing joke, and it's not likely that we'll find out what it is until the very end of the series. Davis is still debating how it will be revealed, but he did say the writers' room knows the first letter and have been trying to figure out what it is. O'Brien is hoping for a normal name that for whatever reason Stiles just doesn't like. But it doesn't sound like he's going to get his wish, because Davis said that he has to look at it to know how to spell it. So that should fill you with a lot of questions and confusion.

5. Crystal Reed pushed for Allison to tell Scott she loved him as she died

"I kept insisting on saying it," said Reed. "The moment I felt the most grief was when she said that." Now you know who to blame for all your tears.

6. Tyler Hoechlin isn't a series regular anymore, but Derek Hale (probably) won't be killed off

Although Hoechlin is no longer a series regular, don't expect Hale to go the way of Allison Argent. "Hoechlin came to me a little while ago and told me about this experience he had shooting an independent movie and how it excited him and scared him. ... He said he wanted to try new things. ... [But I] wouldn't give him a complete goodbye. I try to keep my hook in everyone," Davis explained. "You've not seen the last of Derek Hale."

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7. Malia is living with Stiles in Season 5

"She's a full-on moocher," Hennig said, when asked about Malia's living situation. "Stiles doesn't seem to mind, [and] her adoptive father doesn't seem to mind." Speaking of which: You can expect to see the return of Mr. Tate at some point this season.

8. Season 5 will focus on the gang's senior year, specifically Scott and Stiles

"[Season 5 is] all about senior year and the fear of losing your friends after graduation," Davis explained, noting that the series will definitely refocus to spend more time on the Scott and Stiles bromance at the heart of the series.

9. You haven't seen the last of Stiles and Lydia's #1 Teen Detective Agency

Davis teased an episode in which the duo -- who have proven to be quite the brilliant pair of detectives when they work together -- will take a trip to Eichen House in Season 5 to interview someone. Now that we know Eichen House is basically the show's gallery of rogues, that should be pretty interesting.

As for whether or not Stiles and Lydia will ever be more than just friends, Davis had this to say: "We know they make good friends. Who knows where their relationship will go?" So, keep on dreaming, I guess?

10. Dylan O'Brien wouldn't change a thing about Stiles

Why mess with perfection, you know?

11. And lastly, the cast's favorite moments are ...

O'Brien and Posey claimed the show's pilot as their favorite moment from the series, with O'Brien describing it as a blur that was really vivid at the same time. Roden cited the white room from Season 3B as her favorite, because of the impressive set design. Reed recalled both the pilot and the Season 1 finale, in which Peter (Ian Bohen) killed Kate (Jill Wagner). Meanwhile, Davis said his favorite moment was when Scott and Stiles hugged just prior to Stiles going into the MRI machine in Season 3B.

Teen Wolf returns this summer on MTV.