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Survivor Season 40 Recap Podcast: Tony Leads Jeremy and Nick Right Off a Cliff

Heading into the "Survivor: Winners at War" finale, it's Tony Vlachos' game to lose.

Fox Van Allen

Survivor: Winners at War is speeding toward an outcome we truly thought was impossible heading into this season: A second-career victory for Survivor: Cagayan mastermind Tony Vlachos.

On this week's episode of Survivor Brothers, TV Guide's own Survivor podcast, your Survivor-obsessed hosts Fox and Lance break down the comedy of errors that's propping up Tony, including Nick Wilson's ill-advised attempt to save Michele Fitzgerald -- at his own expense.

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There's a lot to discuss. "The Penultimate Step of the War," the literal penultimate installment of Survivor: Winners at War, was all about trust. Specifically, it was about how much firefighter Jeremy Collins trusts Tony (uh-oh), and how much Nick trusts his "main man" Tony (double uh-oh). Both, of course, were gone by the end of episode.

Survivor 40: Jeremy Collins reacts at Tribal Council

But it's not just the boots who are overly trusting. Even while admitting he's not a popular guy among the players on Edge of Extinction, Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers winner Ben Driebergen remains all in on his final three deal with Tony. Even Sarah Lacina seems blind to her partner's growing dominance. As Edge of Extinction's own Tyson Apostol tweeted, "I love how @meeshfitz [Michele] spat straight truth at Nick AND Sarah and both of them were like 'nuhuh.'"

Survivor 40: Michele plays her 50/50 Advantage at Tribal Council
Screen Grab, CBS/Screen Grab

And speaking of Michele... She almost knocked herself out of the game when she considered playing her 50/50 coin for Jeremy in a 3-2-2 vote split that ultimately sent Jeremy packing.

A couple days after that shaky play, Nick basically said "hold my beer," and played his super-expensive final six challenge disadvantage against Ben, creating the opening needed for Michele to take his spot in the final five.

Natalie Anderson gives a Hidden Immunity Idol to Tyson Apostol on Survivor: Winners at War
Screen Grab, CBS/Screen Grab

Elsewhere, your Survivor Brothers hosts preview the forthcoming reward challenge, and reveal the specific challenge advantages that Natalie Anderson's 14 fire tokens (dang!) were able to purchase. Is she now a lock to win re-entry into the game? And why did she buy an Immunity Idol for Tyson instead of her Survivor: San Juan del Sur ride-or-die Jeremy? The bros have some ideas.

You can hear all this and more by clicking play below. Or better yet, subscribe to Survivor Brothers on Apple Podcasts, and get the bros delivered straight to your device every week.

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The three-hour finale of Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday, May 13 at 8/7c on CBS. You can watch every season of Survivor on CBS All Access.

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Nick Wilson is blindsided at Tribal Council on Survivor: Winners at War
Screen Grab, CBS/Screen Grab