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Who Won Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Blood vs. Water?

And then there were five. The finale of Survivor's 29th season came down to a handful of contestants Wednesday night. Who was the sole Survivor: Keith, Natalie, Missy, Baylor or Jaclyn? Keep reading to find out.

Liz Raftery

And then there were five.

The finale of Survivor's 29th season came down to a handful of contestants Wednesday night. Who was the sole Survivor: KeithNatalie, MissyBaylor or Jaclyn? Keep reading to find out.

Keith wins the first reward challenge — a chance to practice his ability to balance balls on a platform in the upcoming immunity challenge — and opts to send Jaclyn to Exile Island. The head start proves invaluably advantageous for Keith, as he goes on to win the immunity challenge, guaranteeing himself a 25 percent chance of winning the million-dollar prize.

Survivor's Jon calls blindside "a good play"

Heading into Tribal Council, it's pretty much assumed that Jaclyn is getting voted out, but Baylor tries to convince Natalie to play her idol for Missy. (Cut to me screaming "DON'T DO IT, NATALIE!" at my television.)

But I should have known Natalie's more savvy than that, and indeed, she has a different trick up her sleeve. She plays the idol for Jaclyn, after making sure Jaclyn has followed her instructions to vote for Baylor. What a brilliant move on Natalie's part to split apart the remaining blood alliance! The members of the jury (Jon in particular, obviously) are completely gleeful. So it's a Bye Bye, Baylor blindside, and we're down to four! And it should be noted that Missy's a super good sport about it.

At the final immunity challenge, after a hard-fought battle, an exhausted Jaclyn wins immunity and issues the ominous prophesy that Tribal Council will go as planned (with Keith getting voted out) "unless something crazy happens in the next 48 hours." But then Jaclyn herself tries to engineer something "crazy" by floating the idea that she and Missy should vote Natalie off. Uh-oh.

Survivor's Nadiya: The Amazing Race came back to haunt me

But that was apparently just a red herring and the ladies unanimously vote for Keith, leaving Missy, Jaclyn and Natalie as the #Final3.

I'm not sure I agree with her, but Missy tells the jury their decision is literally as important as if they were deciding the outcome of a murder trial. Jaclyn correctly states that she's been underestimated for the whole game, yet notes that she made some key decisions, especially after Jon got voted out. And Natalie (who, let's face it, has the strongest case here), points out that she's been driving the game with big moves as of late and holding her own throughout the competition, despite being the first person to lose his or her loved one.

So, how did the vote shake out? The jury does the right thing and tips its collective hat towards Natalie. (Anyone else baffled at who besides Jon would vote for Jaclyn?!) Maybe now she and Nadiya can finally open that Crossfit studio in Sri Lanka!

Were you happy Natalie won? And how does San Juan Del Sur — Blood vs. Water stack up against other seasons of Survivor? Sound off in the comments — and check back Thursday for our interview with Natalie!

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