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Who Won Survivor?

Plus: What's next season's theme?

Liz Raftery

After 39 torturous days (plus a few months of keeping everyone in suspense), Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen Xhas finally crowned a winner.

On Wednesday's finale/reunion special, Adam Klein was named Sole Survivor and went home with a million bucks.

Heading into the finale, the remaining six contestants were Adam, David, Ken, Hannah, Bret and Jay, with Adam facing off against Hannah and Ken in the final three after frontrunners David and Jay were eliminated.

"It was a clean sweep," host Jeff Probst revealed during the live finale. "Adam got every single vote from the jury."

Adam had previously dedicated his game to his mother, who was suffering from end-stage lung cancer while he was playing. "My mom said, 'You have to go now,' and we needed something to look forward to," Adam said at the finale of his decision to play Survivor given the situation at home. "There was this energy ... that I knew she was sending me from home."

Survivor: Who will win?

Adam revealed that his mother died an hour after he returned to San Francisco after playing the game, confident that he had been voted the Sole Survivor. "That's what Moms do. She knew. She absolutely knew," Adam said.

Probst also divulged that next season, airing in the spring, will also take place in Fiji, with the theme of "Game Changers" -- aka, a season featuring the most competitive players from previous seasons, including Millennials vs. Gen X's Michaela Bradshaw, as well as previous competitors Tony Vlachos, Tai Trang, Caleb Reynolds and Ozzy Lusth.

Check back Thursday for our interview with Adam.

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