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Station 19's Carlos Miranda and Barrett Doss Hint That Vic's Love Triangle Will Get Messy In Season 5

And they reveal how it's adding tension to the firehouse

Megan Vick

When we last saw the firefighters of Station 19, they were having a fun time celebrating Maya (Danielle Savre) and Carina's (Stefania Spaminato) wedding. Well, they were, until news came down that Maya had been demoted after going against the new chief on a stressful call in order to save a fire victim, and it was revealed that Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) had something to do with it. The ramifications of Maya's demotion are still to be revealed, but in the midst of the hierarchy shake-up, Vic (Barrett Doss) got in a little wedding fun of her own with Theo (Carlos Miranda), which is going to make for one complicated situation. 

"We're starting with a bang," Miranda teased to TV Guide ahead of Season 5. "There's tension. There are relationship problems. There are possible relationship beginnings…It's a mixture. There's quite some stuff going on." 

First of all, the staffing changes at Station 19 mean that things are going to be stressful at work, and it may not be the best time for two firefighters with ties to the station to be trying out a romantic relationship. That's not to mention that Travis (Jay Hayden) is also at the station, and even though he gave his blessing for Vic, his best friend, to date the man he believes is responsible for his husband's death, it might not make for the smoothest start to a relationship. 

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"The Travis situation is a whole other thing," Miranda added. "He kind of gave his blessing in the last season, but how does that carry on? Maybe you give your blessing one day and then you start seeing the person all the time -- I don't know how that is going to work out. Hopefully, [Travis and Theo] get to become friends again too, because they were clearly important to each other before." 

Despite the difficult circumstances, there is a lot to be said for why Theo and Vic would make a great fit, especially for Vic, who has been drawn to relationships with unequal power dynamics in the past. 

"These two people have always been the sort of silver linings people," Doss explained. "This is something we heard them say to each other last season when they first met. We're always the sort of people who look on the bright side and see the good in all the bad. To find that kind of support in another person can be a relief. It's a change of pace for Vic who has been in a lot of pretty heavy relationships with very mature men. Having a relationship with someone she sees as an equal and not in a weird unequal status dynamic is going to be important. If she gets the opportunity to see this relationship with Theo through, I think it could bring out a different side of her that we haven't actually gotten a chance to see before." 

Station 19

Station 19


Of course, Theo isn't the only one who thinks the world of Vic. Dean (Okieriete Onoadowan) was ready to confess his love for her at the wedding too -- until he found her and Theo attached at the face. Those feelings are still lingering when we pick up with Station 19 in Season 5, and as with any Shondaland show, they are bound to emerge at the least opportune time. However, Doss is also open to the idea of Vic taking up a relationship with one of her closest friends. 

"If Dean decides to enlighten her as to what everyone else in the station seems to know, I think that it offers some opportunity for her to consider what that would feel like and how that might change her life," Doss elaborated. "I think there's a lot of [opportunities] this season for all three [characters] and how that might impact the rest of the station dynamic." 

Those "opportunities" are just the type of soapy deliciousness we love to see from Station 19. Regardless of who Vic chooses, it is the chance for a fresh start and a new chapter, which is the unofficial theme of the beginning of the season. 

"We have new leadership at Station 19 after Maya's demotion, and how do we watch these characters deal with the change in dynamic? How do we watch new relationships form amidst that chaos and tension of now what? Are they all on the same level here or not?" Doss said. "The new beginnings take is where we're at." 

Station 19 premieres Thursday, Sept. 30 at 8/7c on ABC.