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Station 19 Is Still a Romantic Hot Mess After the Season 3 Premiere

Damn, Maya. That was cold

Megan Vick

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Season 3 premiere of Station 19, "I Know That Bar." Read at your own risk!]

Station 19is back, and aside from saving Grey Sloan Memorial residents from a car that crashed through Joe's Pub, the firefighters are also dealing with the mess left by the Season 2 finale. Thursday's episode kicked off with the call to fish the car out of Joe's, but the hour also featured flashbacks to fill us in on what's been going on at Station 19 in the weeks that have passed in the show's timeline.

Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) and Sullivan's (Boris Kodjoe) relationship has stalled after his leg pain returned and he rejected her without an explanation. This is only made more awkward by the fact that the Seattle Fire Department is starting to figure out a replacement for Chief Ripley (Brett Tucker) after his untimely death. Sullivan wants to go for it, meaning that Station 19 could once again be looking for a captain. Andy is too preoccupied with how put-out she is by Sullivan's dismissal of her feelings to worry about the promotion, but when Maya (Danielle Savre) heard that the captain seat might be open again, she transitioned right back into that Olympic athlete mindset and dumped Jack (Grey Damon) to focus on advancing her career.

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Meanwhile, the car crash had the opposite effect on Vic (Barrett Doss). Finding out that Jackson (Jesse Williams) was in the bar and potentially hurt helped affirm that Vic is falling for the plastic surgeon, which we'll get to see play out even more as Station 19 joins the TGIT line-up.

TV Guide spoke to the Station 19 cast about all of these major developments at the Television Critics Association winter press tour earlier this month. Here's what you need to know about all of the Station 19 couples, and their drama, in Season 3.

Jaina Lee Ortiz and Boris Kodjoe, Station 19

Allyson Riggs, ABC

Andy and Sullivan: Andy is no stranger to hooking up at work, but as Ortiz reveals, her feelings for Sullivan are a lot more serious than she anticipated -- and that frustration is only going to continue to build over the course of Season 3.

"Andy is at a crossroads. She's constantly struggling and figuring out a way to navigate her personal life and her professional life," Jaina Lee Ortiz told TV Guide. "It's safe to say she may she may fall in love, and, you know, complications come along with that. She has to figure out how she's gonna coexist with her boss who she has feelings for, so that should be pretty interesting."

Love is a pretty big word for Andy, and to have Sullivan turn so cold so quickly is not an easy thing for her accept. As for the sullen captain, he's keeping a pretty big secret from Andy that is not only putting their relationship, but his entire career in jeopardy.

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"I think all the characters have flaws that we haven't discovered yet. So, this season we're going really really deep, to figure out what the backstory is. With Sullivan, he is battling some severe pains in his legs, that cause him to grab some really severe measures that might get him in trouble," Boris Kodjoe added. "He has to juggle his career aspirations, as well as what he's feeling for her. It's going to get a little complicated -- but he's worth it."

We'll just have to wait and see about that.

Maya and Jack: Maya and Jack's relationship was forged in the chaos of Jack's PTSD after the skyscraper fire in Season 1. It began as a purely physical connection, but these two understand each other in a way that few others do. However, Maya has never been secretive about her ambition, so there was little hesitation in her decision to pick the job over their fledgling relationship. That may be something she regrets in the near future though.

"He's too much of a distraction. Maybe she wants to be perceived in a certain way in her work environment, and in order to do that, she's got to take certain measures. But is that the right thing to do? Should it be about love or should it be about career? What's more important? I think that, in my opinion, it's about both," Danielle Savre explained. "That's the struggle these days. As women, independent women, with our own careers -- that happens a lot. What is more important your career or your relationship? Can you have both, and can have you have both in the same fire station?"

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Jack won't be thinking about it that deeply. This is the second time in the span of a year that he's been dumped by a woman (who is also a co-worker) for whom he was developing serious feelings. The rejection is going to be rough, and you can expect to see Jack head back into the downward spiral he was heading into before Maya intervened.

"Jack is a, for lack of a better term, a love addict... I think he just so longs to not be abandoned and just to have somebody there to just need him, as we do," Grey Damon said. "[He was] a foster kid and what not. We're going to explore that a little bit more, so that's cool. I don't know how exactly we're going to explore it, but it's mainly just going to be him making bad decisions."

What remains to be seen is whether Maya can stand to see Jack self-destruct, knowing she contributed to his bad mental state, or whether she's willing to block out everything to get what she wants.

Vic and Jackson: It's not all bad news on the Station 19 relationship front, but everyone is dealing with complications. Fans had the first half of Grey's Anatomy Season 16 to witness Vic and Jackson connect, but Station 19 will give you a new perspective on their relationship -- and explain away some fears that fans have had about Vic moving on too soon after Ripley's death.

"When we see the Station 19 season progress, what you'll actually get to see is how Vic is dealing with her grief, in a way that, of course, we didn't get to see on Grey's Anatomy because that's not her show," Barrett Doss explained. "Now we get to see [the relationship] from her side, and the loss and the grief that she's experiencing in a very different way. Vic isn't a person who, I think, dwells on things, and we get to see her struggle with how that how that's manifesting in her. While other people in the station, other people in our life start to question exactly what I think the fans are questioning -- why are you moving on so quickly? We get to watch her struggle with that."

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There have been some very vocal complaints about how the Vic and Jackson relationship came to be, and how suddenly it took off after he and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) broke up. Doss reveals exactly what it is that Jackson sees in Vic though, and why they have the potential to get serious.

"I think they have a really fun connection. I think they challenge each other. I think they surprise each other, and I think that she doesn't take any of his attitude," she said. "That is is something that I think he he likes and I think he needs."

So far, these two have themselves the most together to actually start settling down. Fingers crossed someone out of this motley crew gets a happy ending.

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.