[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Station 19 Season 2 finale. Read at your own risk!]

The firefighters of Station 19 traveled to Los Angeles to battle a raging wildfire in the show's Season 2 finale, and while there were dangerous moments — Patrick Duffy lost a hand! — it was their hearts that suffered the most in the season-ending episode. Everyone made it out physically all right, but here is where everyone stands emotionally as they go into Season 3.

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Andy and Sullivan: All eyes were on these two going into the finale due to the high-key flirting they've been doing for half a season. Their feelings erupted into a hot station hook-up at the end of the episode, but when Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) returned from locking the door to make sure they didn't get caught, Sullivan's (Boris Kodjoe) disposition had changed and he sent her running from the station, rejected. It turns out something triggered his injury from the windstorm crash and he was having trouble feeling his leg again. Seems like the emotionally mature thing to do would have been to just tell Andy what was going on, considering she was with him when the injury happened in the first place, but making her feel unwanted works for ruining this too, we guess.

Montgomery: Montgomery (Jay Hayden) has a habit of pulling in unsuspecting hotties, and the Season 2 finale was no exception. He made it down to L.A. with the rest of the team and hit it off with a deaf firefighter at the scene (Nyle DiMarco) and scored a pretty sweet make-out session before returning to Seattle. However, before their steamy text chain could go any further, Montgomery was arrested for beating down a douchey firefighter in the penultimate episode. He's going to need a really good lawyer when the show returns.

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Ryan: Ryan (Alberto Frezza) is doing pretty well romantically and continuing with his move to San Diego, but he's still got some daddy issues that are lingering. Herrera (Miguel Sandoval) told Ryan to get rid of the stolen money his dad gave him, but instead of dumping it in the fire, Ryan decided to hold on to it. Is it an emotional attachment? It doesn't really matter, because that decision is definitely going to come back to haunt him. That's how drama works.

Dean/Nicky + Maya/Jack: Oh man, this is awkward. So Dean (Okieriete Onaodowan) has been getting very loved up with his new girl Nicky, even to the point of introducing her to everyone at the fire station. It turns out, though, that Nicky and Maya (Danielle Savre) are actually exes, and from the look of their awkward encounter before the planned double date brunch, things did not end well. How weird is that going to be since Dean and Jack (Grey Damon) are roommates? The houseboat is bound to become a war zone when Station 19 returns next year.

Station 19 returns for Season 3 at midseason on ABC.

Jaina Lee Ortiz, <em>Station 19</em>Jaina Lee Ortiz, Station 19