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Station 19 Boss Teases Sexy Scenes With Grey's Anatomy's Hot Docs

Things are heating up

Megan Vick

Station 19 is turning up the heat for its third season. The Grey's Anatomy firefighter spin-off will feature a lot more crossover with the flagship show in Season 3, and that's going to mean more romantic drama for Station 19 crew.

Let's be clear, the firefighters have done a swell job of creating drama for themselves. Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) has developed really inconvenient feelings for her captain (Boris Kodjoe), while her best friend, Maya (Danielle Savre), is hooking up with Andy's ex, Jack (Grey Damon).

However, Vic (Barrett Doss) has found herself romantically entangled with Jackson (Jesse Williams) over at Grey Sloan, and we can expect to see a lot more of that relationship as Station 19 joins the TGIT lineup on Thursday, Jan. 23. Ben (Jason George) is the only one in a steady relationship, but being married to the hospital's chief of surgery (Chandra Wilson) comes with its own set of complications.

Things Look Bleak for the Interns in This Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 Crossover Trailer

TV Guide chatted with Station 19 boss (and Grey's Anatomy showrunner) Krista Vernoff at the Television Critics Association winter press tour about what's in store for Season 3, and how those crossovers are going to shake things up on Station 19.

Jesse Williams and Barrett Doss, Grey's Anatomy

Kelsey McNeal, ABC

Now that we're crossing over more with Grey's Anatomy, how does that affect the Station 19 storylines and the story the show is telling?
Krista Vernoff: The way that we're primarily using Grey's cast on Station 19 is, as you know, they are the love interests. Jackson is Vic's love interest. Bailey is Ben's wife. They aren't really affecting the functioning of the firehouse. I think it's really interesting for the series regulars of Grey's Anatomy to sort of be the fan candy over in Station 19, but they're coming over and they're doing sexy, fun stuff.

Speaking of Jackson and Vic, they've been doing a slow-burn relationship so far this season. Will we see that speed up now that they've gotten to know each other?
Vernoff: Some people might think it's a slow burn, some people might think it's too fast. I know that "Vicley" fans definitely think it's too fast, period. I hear that. Vic will continue to grieve Ripley. One of the things that I've noticed when my friends have gone through the death of a loved one is that they grieve the death of that loved one and move on. We like to imagine that one thing has to be complete before another thing begins, but I just don't think that's true in life. Very few people walk all the way through a grief process, which can take years, without finding comfort somewhere else.

How is Andy and Sullivan's romantic tension affecting the team in Season 3?
Vernoff: It's definitely affecting the team. It's definitely affecting Andy. It's affecting Sullivan. It's an ongoing story, for sure. In the early part of the season, it is not a positive effect.

Pruitt's cancer is back. Is he going to tackle that head-on, or will there be some denial about being sick again?
Vernoff: He's not in denial about this diagnosis. He's facing it. He's facing his mortality in a way that is complicated and kind of painful and, I think, really beautiful.

Station 19 Season 3 premieres Thursday, Jan. 23 at 8/7c on ABC.