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Splash Finale: 16 Silly Questions with Dive Master Greg Louganis

How much did Greg Louganis make a Splash with you?

Nicholas White

How much did Greg Louganis make a Splash with you?

As ABC's celebrity-diving reality show leaps headlong into its freshman season finale on Tuesday (8/7c), we are reminded that the Olympian gold medalist diver may not be gracing our screens for long. That's because Splash may not return since ABC has not yet made a decision on a second season. After all, it's a dangerous show; Splash contestants Chuy Bravo, Rory Bushfield, Katherine Webb, Kendra Wilkinson, and Nicole Eggert all reportedly racked up a string of injuries during this year's  production. So which celebrity would dare risk their neck for another season? While Louganis is waiting for word from ABC for another season, he took a few minutes to answer TVGuide.com's Silly Questions.

•1.       When you signed on to Splash, did you see a champion in Chuy Bravo?

Greg Louganis: Heck no. When I heard I had a celebrity who was afraid of the water, I was thinking OMgosh, what did I get myself into?! But, once we started working, he became my hero.

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•2.       Which Splash cast member wears swimsuits well?

Louganis: Duh. Katherine Webb. I may be gay, but I'm not blind. OK, Drake [Bell] too. I wish I were 25 years younger. But I don't think I would be his "type" — if you know what I mean.

•3.       Have you ever done laps in the Splash pool?

Louganis: Yes, with Chuy on my back. We did dolphin rides to get him to have fun underwater. But, boy, was that a workout. Even with fins on.

•4.       Are your Olympics gold medals displayed in your house prominently?

Louganis: Oh, yes, they are prominently displayed. Gee, one, I think, is in the bottom of my backpack. I gave one to Jeanne White-Ginder [mother of HIV-positive teen Ryan White, who died in 1990]. And three, I think, are at the International Swimming Hall of Fame. I think I better get those back. I heard they might be having hard times, so I might find them on eBay. Just kidding. I guess I have a different priority. It's written in the history books. When I had them at home, I couldsometimes find them stuck in an old bag somewhere. 

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•5.       Do you ever have to assert your Olympian status on Splash?

Louganis: For one, I don't do that. It is not in my nature. I really am not fussed if they don't know who I am. I didn't know some of them when I started.

•6.       What advice can you give people to get beach-ready?

Louganis: STARVE. No, really, you do have to eat to lose weight — just what you eat, and quality, and exercise. Just get moving. If you have a fat dog, you aren't exercising enough. Work on cutting outsugar as best you can.

•7.       How nervous do you get 33 feet [aka the highest Splash dive at 10 meters] in the air?

Louganis: It depends on what I am doing. If I am doing my hair, very nervous. Shaving can be nerve-wracking too.

•8.       How nervous do you get seeing Louie Anderson 33 feet in the air?

Louganis: Very. He had never done that before. He is so brave. I will always remember him coming out in shock, with genuine tears in his eyes, fighting them back, saying, "That was the bravest thing I have ever done in my life." How great is that?

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•9.       Do you watch any of the Real Housewives? If so, who is your favorite and why?

Louganis: This is an easy one. No. I'd rather watch Big Cat Diary. Same thing, isn't it?

•10.   What is the best way for people in the audience to distract a diver?

Louganis: Well, you can't yell out, "Your fly is down." Bathing suits don't have flies. You could flash them in their sightline, I guess. It was distracting for some of the boys in Europe when we were competing. The women were sunbathing topless. I wasn't fazed. I thought, "Gee, they could feed a lot of babies around the world. Just at this pool."

•11.   What's your favorite guilty pleasure TV show and why?

Louganis: Downton Abbey. I love that stuff and love Maggie Smith and Shirley MacLaine. I want to be Shirley MacLaine's chauffeur in the show. And the footman's love interest. 

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•12.   What '80s song gets you dancing?

Louganis: "Vogue." Madonna fan. Oh my, I am so gay.

•13.   Michael Fassbender said he took your gait for Prometheus — have you ever tried to walk like Fassbender?

Louganis: When I heard that, I thought, "Wow. Finally, [there's] someone besides my coach, Ron O'Brien, who gets me. I think I am in love!" You know, he was incorporating me and my movement, so I guess I don't need to "try." Love Michael Fassbender! Such an incredible talent!

•14.   In the Olympics days, what was your most flattering angle on TV?

Louganis: My legs and ass. Oh, can I say that? They were my ass-et, as it were. I could jump pretty high — very important for diving. 

•15.   Who is the friendlier Splash host?

Louganis: OK, Joey Lawrence has one hot bod. And sweet as pie. But Charissa [Thompson] is my new BFF.

•16.   What TV show do you wish would never end?

Louganis: Tarzan. I miss Cheetah. Heck, I miss Flipper too. Do you remember Skippy? The little 'roo. I wanted him to be my bud. Oh, and Splash. Duh! I need a job to feed my dogs and pay for my gym and yoga memberships. Oh, save my house maybe too. Could be important.

Will you be watching the Splash finale on Tuesday (8/7c, ABC)? Who do you want to win?