Saturday Night Live gave Halsey double duty this week as the show's host and musical guest, and she proved that while she might be best-known for her musical skills, she's got some thespianism in her blood, too!

Here's a look at some of the highlights from Halsey's week on SNL.

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The opening monologue with her hysterical Jersey rep

Halsey started the evening off with a healthy dose of self-deprecation, poking fun at the fact that she's a tried and true Jersey girl named Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, whose childhood acquaintances probably still talk about her as being "not for my son." That neck dip action is pretty on-point, guys.

"Them Trumps" are back

Halsey also helped to bring back another "Them Trumps" segment, which borrows from Empire to imagine what things would be like if Donald Trump was black. (Spoiler: His crime spree doesn't last very long.)

The Valentine's song about inappropriate gifts

This musical number might be a bit boring, but it makes a fair point: if Valentine's Day is for lovers, then moms and coworkers and kids should stop getting involved, lest they ruin the mood (and make some unintentionally gross innuendos).

The background actor who could

This sketch features Halsey as actress Lili Reinhart alongside Beck Bennett as Cole Sprouse, as the two try to film a scene for Riverdale but are constantly interrupted by Pete Davidson as a background actor who wants to give some authenticity to his portrayal of a corpse. It's basically the exact same scenario as when Phoebe Buffay was an extra on Joey's soap on Friends.

This homage to the women of Congress

This pre-taped sketch doles out some battle nicknames to the women of Congress after they joined forces to wear white during the State of the Union. First, we have Nancy "Madame Clapback" Pelosi. Then there's Alexandria "I Say What I Meme" Ocasio-Cortez. And let's not forget about Maxine "Don't Go Chasing" Waters, Krysten "Kooky Arizona Lady" Sinema, Ilhan "Get the Hi-Job Done" Omar and Halsey as Rashida "Impeach the Motherf---ker" Tlaib. Wait for the part when they start beating the phone.

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