Anna Faris, Saturday Night Live Anna Faris, Saturday Night Live

Anna Faris met her match when she hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time. While fielding questions about the Greek financial crisis and which religion is the best in the world, Faris came face to face with audience member, look-alike and kindred spirit Hannah Garis (Abby Elliot) — sporting the same haircut, same dress and same slightly air-headed disposition:

Faris, dressed in a Sailor Moon-esque outfit, paid homage to Japanese culture when she played a Michigan State student with the largest anime video collection on campus on the student-produced cable show J-Pop American Funtime Now show:

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The actress went with a much more conservative look for the fake Lifetime game show, What's Wrong With Tanya?!, where mothers from Lifetime original movies must guess what's wrong with the various troubled teenage girls and boys (all named Tanya). Drugs? Eating disorders? An inappropriate relationship with a teacher? You guess:

Faris also shared the stage with musical guest Drake, who appeared in a "Weekend Update" segment about the werewolf phenomenon:

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