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7 Shows Like Netflix's The Gentlemen

Here are more series like Guy Ritchie's British caper

Liam Mathews
Kaya Scodelario, The Gentlemen

Kaya Scodelario, The Gentlemen


The Gentlemen is Netflix's latest hit action show. The crime dramedy topped Netflix's top 10 charts all over the world on its way to the fourth-best opening week of any Netflix series this year so far. Viewers are addicted to the fast-paced British caper. 

If you're looking to watch more stuff like The Gentlemen, our first recommendation would have to be the films of creator Guy Ritchie. Ritchie has been making funny thrillers set in London's criminal underworld for over 25 years, including great ones like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. In fact, The Gentlemen is based on Ritchie's 2019 film of the same name. You don't have to watch the movie to understand the show — they're almost entirely different — but it's the logical next step if you haven't seen it already. (The show is better, but the movie is fun.) 

But if you're not interested in movies and you're all about TV, here are some shows you should watch if you like The Gentlemen. It's heavy on crime dramedies, British and otherwise. Some are more refined, some are more aggressive, and all of them are pretty cool.

More recommendations:


Rupert Grint and Luke Pasqualino, Snatch

Rupert Grint and Luke Pasqualino, Snatch

Paul Cousans/Barcroft

The Gentlemen is not the only TV show based on one of Guy Ritchie's movies. It's actually the third. The first one was Lock, Stock…, which ran for seven episodes on British TV in 2000 and featured early performances from Martin Freeman and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. It's not available to stream anywhere. The second was Snatch, which ran for two seasons on Crackle. Snatch follows a group of young petty crooks led by Albert (Luke Pasqualino) and Charlie (Rupert Grint) who find themselves in possession of a truck loaded up with stolen gold bullion. Their score leads to them getting mixed up with some shady London underworld characters, like Cuban crime boss Sonny Castillo (Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick). Ritchie is not directly involved in Snatch like he is with The Gentlemen, which he writes and directs, but creator Alex De Rakoff does a good job of capturing his essence.

Sexy Beast                      

Emun Elliot, Stanley Morgan, Robbie Gee, John Dagleish, and James McArdle, Sexy Beast

Emun Elliot, Stanley Morgan, Robbie Gee, John Dagleish, and James McArdle, Sexy Beast

Sanne Gault/Paramount+

Another British series based on a crime dramedy, this time Jonathan Glazer's excellent 2000 heist caper of the same name. The show is a prequel to the movie and tells the story of how tough but suave Gal Dove (James McArdle) and psychopathic Don Logan (Emun Elliott) became two of the most in-demand safecrackers in London. It pales in comparison to the movie, but it's punchy. And if you like The Gentlemen and haven't seen the original Sexy Beast, do yourself a favor and watch it. It's also on Paramount+.

Tulsa King

Sylvester Stallone, Tulsa King

Sylvester Stallone, Tulsa King

Brian Douglas/Paramount+

This crime dramedy is as American as The Gentlemen is British. Sylvester Stallone stars as Dwight Manfredi, a New York mafioso who gets banished to Tulsa, where he picks himself up by his bootstraps and starts running the city's criminal underworld. Both shows have the marijuana trade as a major story anchor, but Tulsa King is a little bit sillier and a little less stylish than The Gentlemen, so it's funnier, and Manfredi has his own take on refined aggression. The show was created by Yellowstone's Taylor Sheridan, and will return for Season 2 later this year.

Poker Face

Natasha Lyonne and Benjamin Bratt, Poker Face

Natasha Lyonne and Benjamin Bratt, Poker Face


A crime dramedy that's quite different from The Gentlemen in its specifics — it's a case-of-the-week procedural in which Charlie Cale (Natasha Lyonne) solves a different murder mystery every episode — but very similar in its overall vibe. It also comes from a prominent film director (Knives Out's Rian Johnson), so it has great visual style and an impressive cast. It's just really fun and satisfying and doesn't take itself too seriously. Both shows are high-quality but not exactly prestige in a way that feels very of-the-moment. And they both love a big, blocky yellow font.

Sneaky Pete

Giovanni Ribisi, Sneaky Pete

Giovanni Ribisi, Sneaky Pete

Amazon Studios

The Gentlemen has Sticky Pete. Similar names, but Sneaky Pete is a different guy. His crime dramedy ran for three underrated seasons on Prime Video from 2015 to 2019. Giovanni Ribisi stars as a con man who gets out of prison and assumes his long-incarcerated cellmate's identity and ingratiates himself with the man's family while trying to avoid a crime boss he stole from (co-creator Bryan Cranston). It's another fun, funny, occasionally violent caper with messy family ties and large debts owed to crime bosses.

Boat Story

Paterson Joseph and Daisy Haggard, Boat Story

Paterson Joseph and Daisy Haggard, Boat Story

Matt Squire/Amazon Freevee

This under-the-radar but over-the-top British crime comedy is darker than The Gentlemen, but it's funnier, too. It's about two very troubled strangers, Janet (Daisy Haggard) and Samuel (Paterson Joseph), who meet while walking their dogs on a beach and happen upon a shipwrecked boat. Onboard are two dead bodies and a large quantity of cocaine, which they decide to sell. Problem is, it belongs to a very scary, very murderous crime boss known as the Tailor (Tchéky Karyo). They quickly find themselves caught up in a bloody, twisty journey through the criminal underworld.

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

Robert Viglasky/Netflix

Netflix's beloved period thriller has a lot less comedy than The Gentlemen, but if you're looking for a British crime drama that's got style for days, there's nothing better than Peaky Blinders. Pre-Oppenheimer Cillian Murphy stars as Tommy Shelby, the leader of the titular gang that's trying to dominate the crime industry in early 20th century Birmingham. Murphy is one of the only actors around who's more charming/menacing and looks better in a suit than Theo James.

The Gentlemen is currently airing on Netflix.