Scott Foley, Lisa Kudrow Scott Foley, Lisa Kudrow

There was some Friends-tastic news on Wednesday when it was announced that Lisa Kudrow has landed a recurring role on ABC's Scandal.  

However, spoilerphobic Shondaland is keeping details of her role under lock and key, only offering up that Kudrow would play a politician in the upcoming third season. Like the true Gladiators we are, decided to come up with a list of roles Kudrow could play in the upcoming season: 

Friends alum Lisa Kudrow joining Scandal

OPA client:   
Kudrow could become a new client of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) & Associates as they get back to the case-of-the-week format at the beginning of the season. With Kudrow recurring, it could be a particularly difficult cleanup that connects to whatever overall mystery we'll see this year.

Governor Reston's running mate:  
Governor Reston (Tom Amandes) tried to blackmail Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) into being his running mate in the upcoming presidential election, but Billy's (Matt Letscher) arrest ruined that. Still, we have a feeling Reston will reemerge during the upcoming election, and maybe this time, he'll have a female running mate by his side.

Verna's daughter:
Not that we ever saw her family in the hospital, but what if Verna Thornton (Debra Mooney) actually had a daughter in politics with whom she shared the dirty details of Defiance? Sure, the election-rigging scandal has been put to rest, but what if Kudrow's character used that information to score a comfy job or take down Fitz's administration once and for all?

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Jake's sister:
When Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) was first introduced, he told Olivia that he had four brothers and two sisters — that's why he hates the quiet. Kudrow could play one of his sisters, who comes to D.C. after not hearing from her baby bro in a while. He is in that B613 hole, after all.

Who do you think Kudrow will play? Hit the comments with your ideas!

Scandal returns Thursday, Oct. 3 at 10/9c on ABC.