Lena Dunham Lena Dunham

Girls star Lena Dunham made her Saturday Night Live hosting debut Saturday, but she wasn't the only celebrity guest to stop by. Liam Neeson, Jon Hamm and former cast member Fred Armisen also made cameos in what was overall a mediocre episode.

Louis C.K. to host SNL

Dunham predictably addressed the rampant nudity and graphic sex in Girls, both in her so-so monologue and in a hilarious parody of the Garden of Eden story. Did anyone honestly think Dunham could get through the entire episode without showing some skin? This hilarious trailer for "Girl," a new movie about Adam and Eve, features great impersonations of Dunham's co-stars Adam Driver and Zosia Mamet by Taran Killam and Vanessa Bayer. Take a look:

Check out more highlights from this week's episode below:

Obama Ukraine cold open: President Obama (Jay Pharoah) delivers a message to Vladimir Putin in a language he can understand — with a little help from Liam Neeson (and a horse).

"Ooh Child": There's nothing like a good ol' fashioned singalong in the car — unless the GPS keeps breaking the rhythm.

Scandal: In this ridiculously contrived (yet sadly accurate) send-up of Scandal, Dunham plays a ditsy new recruit to Olivia Pope's (Sasheer Zamata) team who's in way over her head.

"What Are You Even Doing?": This sketch has the dubious distinctions of both A) not being funny and B) reminding us how criminally underused Nasim Pedrad has been this season. But Jon Hamm stops by, so that's something.

"Weekend Update": Matthew McConaughey: New "Weekend Update" anchor Colin Jost still looks as though he's staring off into space during his line readings, but Taran Killam's impersonation of Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey makes up for it.

What did you think of Dunham's episode? What were your favorite sketches?