Swoosie Kurtz Swoosie Kurtz

Pie lovers nationwide are still pining for Pushing Daisies, but they'll have something new to savor when series alum Swoosie Kurtz arrives on Wisteria Lane.

The actress, who played Aunt Lily on ABC's canceled series, is guest-starring on Desperate Housewives as a potential love interest for one of the characters, her rep confirms for TVGuide.com. "[Housewives writer] Marc Cherry is writing something really special ... for her," Kurtz's rep said. "She's been a fan of the show for years and is so excited to get to Wisteria Lane."

Further details of Kurtz's appearance are being kept under wraps, but E! reports that she'll arrive in Episode 17, which will air sometime in March. In addition to her upcoming Housewives role, in April Kurtz will be guesting on Heroes as an old friend of Mama Petrelli.

Who would you want to see Kurtz's character loving up on Housewives? Are there any relationship boats that should be rocked — or singletons awaiting Swoosie's affections?

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