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Did Power Just Set Up Another Spinoff With Tommy's Ride West?

Joseph Sikora hints at what's next in an interview with TV Guide

Malcolm Venable

Powerloves defying expectations, and with just two episodes left in the series, the episode "It's All Your Fault" shocked fans once more time: Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) is starting life over and heading west. Did we just see the set-up for one of Power's spinoffs? Starz reps wouldn't confirm it with TV Guide, but in a conversation with Joseph Sikora at a Starz event during the Television Critics Association press tour, the actor hinted that we haven't seen the last of him.

"One can assume that," he told TV Guide when asked if Tommy's episode was a set-up for a new series. "Hopefully Tommy makes it out west. Hopefully that's one of the new shows -- or maybe Tommy's just gone. As Tommy is leaving, everything is taken from him. Maybe the message is also that Tommy gets out alive because of the sacrifice of Ghost."

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Of all the characters who might've survived until the end of the series, Tommy -- the brash, excitable, and hot-tempered gangster who could kill on a whim -- seemed like the least likely to make it. "It's All Your Fault" showed Tommy caught up in a number of extremely dangerous situations -- not least of them that shootout in "No One Can Stop Me." The third installment in a block of episodes that shows what happened, from varying points of view, the night Ghost (Omari Hardwick) got shot, "It's All Your Fault" reminded viewers of the threats Tommy faced, including heat from murdering Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) and the potential consequences of that damning recording of him killing Ruiz (Luis Antonio Ramos).

Tommy had so, so much to lose, and plenty of reasons to kill Ghost: Up until this episode, he was convinced Ghost killed Keisha (La La Anthony) and that Ghost manipulated him into killing his own father. Of course, by the end, Tommy learned that it was Tasha (Naturi Naughton), not Ghost, who killed Keisha, and that Ghost wasn't as directly responsible for his pains and problems as he might've thought. At the start of the season, it seemed all but certain that Tommy and Ghost wouldn't rest until the other was dead; by the end, Tommy had gone to Truth to be with his friend, arriving just in time to find Ghost dying on the floor. Sikora told TV Guide that Tommy's tears were coming from a real place.

"I was feeling the bittersweet feeling of the show being over," he said. "It was overwhelming and that's where the tears came from. It was an honest thing -- feeling Tommy losing his drug business, losing his girlfriend and unborn baby, losing his new love, losing his father, losing his brother -- I tried to keep it as real as I can and if I'm being honest I was feeling real emotions in that scene."

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To be sure, "It's All Your Fault" contained a few moments that required suspension of disbelief -- Tommy's mom Kate (Patricia Kalember) learns of the money Ghost left her extremely fast, and, on his way out of town, Tommy shoots Spanky (Omar Scroggins) in broad daylight before peeling off in his bright blue Mustang -- but, on the whole, it tied up loose ends and gave Tommy a warm, hopeful farewell. With Ghost dead, Keisha dead, his mom still a hot mess, and plenty of enemies wanting his head, Tommy really had nothing left in New York worth sticking around for, and when we last saw him, he was trucking it out of the city as "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang" blared through the speakers.

Was that episode the first chapter in Tommy's new story? Sikora wouldn't say for sure, but strongly hinted that there's more of Tommy's story to tell. "Tommy is leaving with nothing but a shell so in essence he is a ghost," he said. "I think Tommy is a shell. When a crab leaves a shell, what do you do with the old shell? A new living thing enters that shell; it has to get refilled up." Tommy, he said, demonstrated a huge sign of hope on the way out of town: a slight smile on his face. "What Tommy does with that smirk is say 'Maybe.' Maybe there's life. Maybe there's a continuation."

One thing is for certain, though: Tommy is not the one who shot (and apparently killed!) Ghost, and four suspects remain. There are two episodes left, and Tasha, Tariq (Michael Rainey), Saxe (Shane Johnson), and Tate (Larenz Tate) have yet to have their names cleared. Expect more suprises.

Joseph Sikora, Power

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