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As the first half of Nip/Tuck's sixth and final season kicks off, the boys of McNamara/Troy are dealing with a host of problems.

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When last season wrapped, newly married Christian (Julian McMahon) found out he was not dying of cancer just before his honeymoon with Liz (Roma Maffia). Sean (Dylan Walsh) got involved with anesthesiologist Teddy Rowe (Katee Sackhoff) and Kimber (Kelly Carlson) was left devastated when her relationship with Ram Peters (John Schneider) ended.

Here's what you need to know going into tonight's premiere, with a few spoiler-y teases for good measure.

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Now that he's not dying, Christian doesn't need a caretaker, so he tells Liz the marriage is off as soon as they return from their honeymoon. With a scorned woman's fury, Liz hires a visually impaired shark of an attorney (Barry Bostwick) and sues Christian for divorce. "How tough can he be, he's blind?" Christian quips. "So is justice," advises his own attorney. 

The Economy Sucks, Especially for Plastic Surgeons
Things aren't much better at the office. Via voiceover, guest star Linda Hunt explains how the tightening of purse strings around the country has lessened many Americans' fascination with tightening their bods. As Sean's list of patients decrease, his bills increase, bringing on insomnia. Plus, he cuts son Matt off from his cash flow, which leads Matt to take up the art of mime.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
Christian attempts to bribe Liz's lawyer to end the divorce proceedings quickly. Let's just say Bostwick's character is willing to turn a blind eye to his ethics, but it will cost Christian much more than any check he can write.

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Meanwhile, strapped for cash, the boys bring in Dr. Mike Hamoui (Mario Lopez), whose corner on the vaginal reconstruction market is flourishing. With the help of Kimber, who has given up porn to focus on electrolysis, the boys film a hilarious infomercial that quickly packs the waiting room with eager women. But the ad also brings in one unexpected patient who makes both Sean and Christian self-conscious. (You can blame Lopez's abs, boys!)

Still the stress in everyone's lives isn't all played for laughs. By the end of the premiere episode, one character is holding someone at gunpoint, and another may not be long for this world.

Is That You, Teddy?

Sean's leading lady is now played by Rose McGowan. (Sackhoff had to drop out for scheduling reasons.) It's a little jarring at first, but what's more surprising is how cozy Sean and Teddy's relationship has become, considering Teddy's double life. You'll quickly see a whole new level of commitment between the two.

Nip/Tuck airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX. Are you excited for the new season?